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FIPA has met the challenge of automated material flow and the manual handling of various loads by developing an innovative program for crane technology and lifting devices. 30 years of experience and expertise in vacuum technology flow into the FIPALIFT tube lifter which unites ergonomics and efficiency in a single device. The modularly designed FIPA crane system makes our lifting equipment product line complete.

With its newly developed serious of suction cups, FIPA offers outstanding solutions for the handling of sheet metal handling. They score with a very long service life, a high holding force and a very good absorption of lateral forces.

Suction cups

Suction cups

FIPA provides a comprehensive selection of suction cups and ideally-adapted suction cup accessories.

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FIPA has solutions for gripper technology that implement your production workflows perfectly.

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Tube lifters FIPALIFT

With its new FIPALIFT product line FIPA now offers three types of vacuum lifting devices for the handling of loads ranging from 5 to 230 kg for ergonomic and efficient work in all areas of production and logistics.

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Vacuum components

Maximum professionalism in generating, regulating, controlling, and monitoring vacuums – the vacuum components from FIPA ensure this.

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Bellows suction cups SM-B and flat suction cups SM-F

The new series SM-B and SM-F provide bellows suction cups and flat suction cups for dynamic handling of oily metal sheets.

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Bellows suction cups made from Varioflex® - SP-BX

The new series SP-BX provides bellows cups for handling of dry metal sheets made from Varioflex®. The special polyurethane enables a long cycle life.

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