FIPA in practice: Palletising cardboard boxes effortlessly with FIPALIFT


Agro-Norm GmbH is a specialist in logistics, warehousing and order picking, and mainly works as a service provider for the automotive industry. Until now, the employees repackaged bulk packs of brake pads, brake disks and similar by hand into smaller packaging units.

Due to the heavy weight of the package contents and the high throughput, a member of the warehouse staff moved between 5 to 10 tonnes every day. The physical load on the workers was very high. For Agro-Norm, this was an unsatisfactory situation and the company wanted to significantly simplify manual handling.

Pronounced solution expertise in lifting technology

FIPA developed a solution that is both ergonomic and efficient. The solution is enabled by the tube lifter FIPALIFT Basic, with a matching wall-mounted jib crane and a special gripper with Varioflex® vacuum cups. Thanks to a sophisticated method of fixing the wall-mounted jib crane to a column in the hall, the pivot range is extended from 180° to 270°. Instead of mounting the jib crane directly to the column as usual, it was placed at the edge of the column with a clamping console. Thanks to the 90° larger pivot range, one crane covers the majority of the workplaces.

To reduce the noise generated by the vacuum pump, FIPA has added a silencing box to the clamping console. This is where the vacuum pump is now housed.

The special gripper made from a tube construction and three Varioflex® bellows vacuum cups can grip the film-wrapped brake pad packs individually or hold several small cardboard boxes at the same time. The robust bellows vacuum cups made from the Varioflex® composite material ensure a high level of process security with their soft, flexible sealing lips and stable bodies.

With FIPALIFT Basic, each day the staff effortlessly move a total throughput of several tonnes of brake disks and brake pads.

The many years of experience of the FIPA employees in the planning, designing and production of special solutions was crucial in the success of the project. Thanks to their compatibility with all FIPA components of the vacuum, gripper and lifting technology, the FIPALIFT tube lifters adapt individually to a variety of applications.