FIPA: Your ServicePoint

FIPA places the highest value on an excellent service culture that includes personal contact and professional project management. Just call us! We’ll happily provide the appropriate information, service or product you require.

Services may be subject to regional variations. For questions please confirm with your regional office.


At FIPA, service is always individualised and at the customer’s level. This is the way to find solutions to any problems relating to vacuum, lifting and End-of-Arm-Tooling technologies.

Thomas Trefzer ǀ Chief Operation Officer, Authorised Signatory


Training and seminars

Take advantage of our training courses and seminars. No matter where. Whether in the training room at our headquarters in Ismaning or at your premises. Whether you need training for a small group or the entire organisation, our training is personal and tailored to your requirements. You decide the topics.

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Tests and loan equipment

Are you interested in a FIPA product and would like to ensure that it is also the right one?

In that case, FIPA offers a range of no-cost services:

  • Send us your workpiece samples for cutting, lifting and suction trials. Afterwards you will receive a detailed report of the tests performed.
  • If you would like to carry out your own tests, we would be pleased to offer you our equipment on loan.
  • During live demonstrations – of our tube lifters, for example – you will have the opportunity to try our products under supervision. Demonstrations can be held either at FIPA in Ismaning or at your company’s premises.

Personal advice

At FIPA we love challenges. Our trained staff have a wide range of products at their disposal which allows different solutions and meets your specific requirements.


Installation and commissioning

The FIPA installation service ensures that components and systems work properly. FIPA personnel will install the equipment on your premises and hand it over ready for use.


Weekend installation

FIPA ensures optimised operational workflows in your company – and also when it comes to installing new systems and products. Thanks to our weekend installation service, we can fit in with your busy calendar.



Satisfy your thirst for knowledge by accessing our webinars. They focus on application knowledge – not product sales. We will offer soon quarterly webinars on exciting technical topics, from the basics of vacuum technology to gripper assembly.

For future reference, webinars are going to be available free of charge in our media library. The main points are also summarised in FIPA white papers. Compressed knowledge, delivered free to your mailbox.


Service package with extended guarantee

Extend the FIPA warranty. The Gold, Silver and Bronze service packages guarantee peace of mind and trouble-free operation of FIPA lifting technology components and vacuum pumps.

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Goods management

Order by 4 p.m. (CET) for same-day dispatch.



Our skilled technical support team is available Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CET)

Stock items ordered before 4 p.m. (CET) will be despatched the same day.

Hotline +1 919 6519888

FIPA Service

Quick delivery of competent, targeted advice, dedication to meeting all requirements and practically implementing them – FIPA is a partner which works together with its customers to achieve the best possible results.

A central FIPA principle is the personal care of our customers, which provides the basis for optimum service quality.
This includes:

FIPA project management:
Where required, our specialists provide support during projects, or manage projects from the start for the installation of complete vacuum systems for our customers. Guaranteed aspects of the service include:

  • outstanding application know-how,
  • professional project management,
  • innovative approaches to finding solutions which offer answers where others have already given up.

FIPA Tests:
Before it may be too late and unnecessary costs arise, we test and optimise systems in tests under practical circumstances using samples of our customers’ products.

Find out more about our services by sending an e-mail to or by calling us on tel. no. +49 (0) 89/96 24 89-0.

FIPA Gripper Assembly

  • FIPA offers a comprehensive range of tried and tested gripper components
  • Based on the modular FIPA gripper construction kit, we will design and construct your complete gripper system

In order to offer you the greatest possible benefi ts of technology and expertise, we have developed three models to offer


It goes without saying that with all three variants what FIPA offers to you is: Dedicated service and professional advice and consultation.

Would you like to have detailed information? Please call us at +49 (0) 89/96 24 89-0 or send us an e-mail (!


Option 1:

  • You design and build the gripper system yourself
  • FIPA is happy to advise you and will supply the necessary components
  • A comprehensive range of gripper components is available for this

Option 2:

  • FIPA undertakes the design using 3D CAD and supplies all components as well as detailed assembly instructions
  • You assemble the gripper system yourself

Option 3:

  • FIPA designs and constructs the complete gripper system to your specifi cations
  • A completely assembled and preset product is delivered
  • Onsite, the gripper system requires adjustment of only minor details to suit the application