Temperature-resistant flat vacuum cups made of Thermalon® - SKT-F

Thermalon® is a high-quality material mixture that resits temperatures up to 160 °C. They do not leave marks and they are free of paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS).

Thermalon® flat vacuum cups are specially designed for the automated extraction of hot workpieces from injection moulding machines. Thanks to the Thermalon®, which is free of paint wetting impairment substances or mould release, the extracted parts can be easily painted or coated.

Due to their high stability, FIPA Thermalon® flat vacuum cups also prove effective in production systems with highly dynamic grippers with fast acceleration rates.

High temperature Thermalon® cups - SKT-F

Up to 160 °C & Minimum marking

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Material / ColourUsage temperature [°C]Data Sheet
102.005.496._* SKT-F-50.9Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet
102.008.497._* SKT-F-81.3Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet
102.010.498._* SKT-F-101.5Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet
102.015.499._* SKT-F-151.9Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet
102.020.500._* SKT-F-202.3Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet
102.025.501._* SKT-F-253Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet
102.030.502._* SKT-F-302Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet
102.040.503._* SKT-F-403.9Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet
102.050.504._* SKT-F-504Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet
102.060.505._* SKT-F-604.9Thermalon® (bl)0 - 160 Download datasheet

+Product description

Flat vacuum cups for smooth surfaces especially suitable for removing hot plastic parts to be painted from an injection moulding machine. Thermalon® is a material mixture optimised for the plastics industry with a hardness of 60° Shore A.

Connection up to Ø 50 mm by means of plug-in nipple, from Ø 60 mm with vulcanised carrier plate (boltable).


  • Extremely low-marking
  • Free of silicone and other paint-wetting-impairment substances (PWIS)
  • Great stability allows high acceleration