FIPA presents: Bag gripper with integrated vacuum generation


Reliable, flexible, individually adjustable: With the bag gripper for handling flexible bag-type containers and shrink-wrapped packaging, FIPA offers a low-maintenance, reliable solution. In comparison to bag grippers with mechanical fingers, the FIPA solution requires less maintenance and can be adjusted quickly.

Whether it’s for building materials like cement and plaster or foodstuffs like flour or rice – the new bag grippers provide flexible, strong handling solutions with high process reliability.

Dust has no effect on the bag gripper: the dirt-resistant design of the suction channels allows particles to pass through without restriction and thereby minimizes the risk of blockages.

Do you need to handle cardboard boxes or sheets of wood or metal? The bag grippers will also impress you with these products, as long as the vacuum chamber is covered completely by the gripper.

High gripping reliability with the lowest possible consumption of suction air are made possible by the integrated high-performance ejectors. For products with high permeability to air, FIPA offers appropriate side channel blowers to generate the vacuum.

The flexible seal collar fits the product being handled perfectly and can be changed very quickly as required, with no preparation or subsequent adjustment.

The advantages of FIPA bag grippers at a glance:

  • Flexible vacuum generation: integrated high-performance ejectors provide optimal suction performance. FIPA side channel blowers are available for handling highly porous products.
  • High reliability: the contamination-resistant design reduces downtime when handling dusty products.
  • Low maintenance costs: the suction mat can be replaced quickly and easily.
  • Customized adaptations: a wide range of handling solutions is possible thanks to the splitting of the suction chambers and the adjustment of the chamber depth.
  • Easy integration: the bag grippers are compatible with the FIPA modular system and can also be used with third-party systems.