New Release: Flexible Vacuum Gripping Systems for Automation


Whether it’s for the handling of palettes, cardboard, wooden panels or packaging - FIPA has just the right solution. Even if special customization is needed beyond our standard offerings, an experienced team of design engineers is ready to help develop the customized system to fit your needs. Our robust product offering and portfolio, allow FIPA to provide the right solution to customers regardless of their budget. That includes everyting from sturdy vacuum grippers and bag grippers, all the way up to a customized innovative pick-up and release system.

Effectively grip individual products or layers while resisting dust and dirt

Thanks to a large flow cross-section, the vacuum grippers in the TC series are perfectly suited for dust-intensive processes such as handling cardboard. The integrated valves close unused vacuum openings, thus enabling the reliable handling of individual products or layers without switching grippers and without loss of gripping force.

Low-cost gripper series ideal for environments with low dust levels

The vacuum grippers of the TL series offer economical gripper solutions for low-dust handling processes. Additionally, this series of grippers is also well-suited for swinging and tipping movements up to 360°.

Safely grip packages – great for environments with high dust levels

The FIPA TG series bag gripper is made for handling ductile, bag-like packaging or shrink-wrap packaging. This allows for optimal handling of packaged products such as flour, rice, or animal foods. A large suction chamber that is not sensitive to dust and dirt makes for perfect handling in high-dust environments.

Residue-free replacement suction mats

All FIPA vacuum grippers and bag grippers offer simple and residue-free suction mat replacements. When placed between the gripper and work piece, these suction mats provide gentle handling and great vacuum distribution. This vacuum distribution occurs through high-performance ejectors, or externally through the side channel blower.

High performing systems that are built to last

Our innovative pick-up and release system for the vacuum gripper, allow for fast and efficient cycle times. The suction is built up in the vacuum tube as it approaches the work piece, which makes it available immediately upon contact. This allows for a strong quick suction. The vacuum tube and blower are vented at the same time, allowing for accurate and efficient placement. Another great benefit of this system is that the compressor is not constantly being powered by the vacuum, which reduces overall power consumption and extends the service life of the system.

The New FIPA gripping systems at a glance:

  • Flexible and secure handling: Accurate gripping of individual products or layers without loss of gripping force or gripper change, great for any industry
  • Low maintenance: Residue-free replacement suction mats maximize performance with minimal maintenance
  • Optimal suction distribution: Integrated through high-performance ejectors or externally through side channel blowers for optimal suction power
  • Fast and built to last: The innovative pick-up and release system enables short gripping times, which helps to extend the lifecycle of the compressor