FIPA presents: New suction cups for process-safe sheet metal handling


Our expertise from over 20 years of experience is invested in the new suction cups for sheet metal handling. The results are flat and bellows suction cups that are tailor-made to suit perfectly the high demands of the automated production and handling of sheet metal pieces in the automotive, machinery and plant construction sectors as well as the sheet metal and metal processing industries. The broad spectrum of suction cups for sheet metal handling offers unbeatable quality at a competitive price.

Suction cups for handling of oily sheets

The new flat and bellows suction cups in the SM-F and SM-B ranges are perfectly suited to the dynamic handling of sheet metal. Anti-slip cleats ensure a high degree of slip resistance and the absorption of transverse forces, even for oily sheets. Sheet metals can thus be handled more safely even in high speed processes. Supports help to prevent deep-drawing or deformation of thin sheets, as required for example in car manufacturing. Both suction cups feature an adjustable sealing lip.

This means that the flat suction cups can be suctioned onto slightly convex surfaces and do not leak. The bellows suction cups with 1.5 folds are geared towards the handling of sheet metals with more convex surfaces; these folds also buffer the positioning of the suction cup.

Suction cups for handling of dry sheets

The new FIPA Varioflex® suction cups are perfectly suited to the handling of dry sheets, for example in the production of “white goods” such as washing machines and fridges. The particular construction features of this series include the soft sealing lip, which sits seamlessly onto dimensionally stable bellows. These prevent uncontrolled lateral contraction within wide limits. The soft sealing lip is highly flexible and offers a high holding force, even on uneven surfaces; it also minimizes micro-leakages. The dimensionally stable body offers outstanding reset force and enables fast cycle times. The low-marking Varioflex® suction cup scores points for its high degree of stability, its long service life and its resistance to wear.

Expert advice

Many established suction cups from the FIPA standard range can be used in sheet metal handling, including bellows suction cups made from Vulkollan®. We would be delighted to assist you in selecting the suction cup most suitable for you. Please contact us.

Finding instead of searching

Right at the front, the new FIPA Vacuum Technology Catalog presents the suction cups suitable for sheet metal handling. Request it directly by e-mail from or download it at

FIPA suction cups for sheet metal handling at a glance:

  • Slip-resistant even for greasy sheet metals: Flat and bellows suction cups in the SM-F and SM-B ranges for dynamic sheet metal handling
  • Very good service life: Optimum materials ensure good resistance to wear
  • High process reliability: High holding force for a high degree of dynamics during application
  • Free of silicone and other paint-wetting-impairment substances (PWIS): These are not permitted for use in products that will later be painted or coated. The new flat and bellows suction cups in the SM-F and SM-B ranges fulfil this requirement as a matter of course.