Temperature-resistant, felt-coated vacuum cups – Series SX-F

High temperature, fragile materials, zero marks – the temperature-resistant vacuum cups of the FIPA SF-X series with felt lining are primarily designed for the requirements of the glass industry. A felt lining ensures a gentle and nearly non-marking grip. The vacuum cup materials, namely FKM (briefly up to 300°C) and a special silicone (briefly up to 500°C) guarantee high temperature resistance. A vapour-deposited silicone barrier made of aluminium enables the contaminant-free handling of glass, even under high temperatures (i.e. the glass surface is resistant to contamination from silicone particles).

High temperature suction cups with felt pad - SX-F

Heat resistant & low marking

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Weight [oz]Max. operating temperature [°F]Material / ColorData Sheet
26.025.009._* SX-F-2520.21932SI (tr/ge) Download datasheet
26.037.010._* SX-F-4030.35932SI (tr/ge) Download datasheet
26.070.011._* SX-F-7070.85932SI (tr/ge) Download datasheet
26.090.001._* SX-F-90172.82572, 932FKM (sw/ge), SI (tr/ge) Download datasheet
26.120.002._* SX-F-120184.94572FKM (sw/ge) Download datasheet
26.160.003._* SX-F-160187.23572FKM (sw/ge) Download datasheet

+Product description

Almost mark-free special suction cup for high temperature requirements, e.g. in the glass industry.

Special felt pad vulcanized to elastomer carrier. Migration of silicone particles is prevented by vapour-deposited aluminum layer.

Connection up to Ø 70 mm by means of plug-in nipple, from Ø 90 mm with bolted bracket plate.


  • Temperature-resistant up to 932 °F (SI)
  • Almost mark-free
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals