Vacuum cups with sponge pad – Series SX-SH

FIPA SX-SH series vacuum cups have a sponge lining that enables an extremely low-marking grip. An extensive seal prevents leaks when handling rough and porous surfaces. These suction pads have a soft contact surface made of a special silicone sponge designed for products with uneven surfaces.

FIPA flat vacuum cups with sponge lining are available in diameters ranging from 8 to 40 mm.

Suction cups with sponge pad - SX-SH

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Max. operating temperature [°F]Material / ColorData Sheet
104.008.082._* SX-SH-80.5392SI (bl/r) Download datasheet
104.009.083._* SX-SH-90.5392SI (bl/r) Download datasheet
104.013.084._* SX-SH-130.5392SI (bl/r) Download datasheet
104.015.085._* SX-SH-151392SI (bl/r) Download datasheet
104.020.086._* SX-SH-201.5392SI (bl/r) Download datasheet
104.030.087._* SX-SH-301.5392SI (bl/r) Download datasheet
104.040.088._* SX-SH-402.5392SI (bl/r) Download datasheet

+Product description

  • Low-marking flat suction cup with contact surface of special silicone sponge.
  • Soft sponge coating compensates for unevenness.
  • Connection via an interlocking snap-in plug-in nipple.


  • Very low-marking on polished surfaces
  • Flat sealing prevents leakage
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals