Signal transmitters

Bundle sensor signals, link with other signals using the AND/OR logic function, invert signals or implement from PNP to NPN – FIPA signal transmitter models execute such tasks directly on the gripper while saving space. The series offers a range of two to twelve sensor signal inputs. More inputs are possible by cascading multiple FIPA sensor relay switch boxes.

Signal transmitters M8 - without logics

Collection and transmission of sensor signals
  • Transmits up to twelve sensor signals to the robot controller
  • Suitable for PNP / NPN sensors or 2-pole actuators
  • LED switching status display

Technical data

Item no.20.54020.54120.542
Number of slots M8 5 8 12
Power supply [V] 24 24 24
Weight [g] 65 120 250
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  • Signals can be coupled via the external robot controller
  • Common output:
    - 20.540: 8-pole M12 plug, 1.9 m, open end
    - 20.541 and 20.542: 15-pole D-sub-plug, cable length 2 m, open end


Item no.20.54020.54120.542
A [mm]8598125.6
B [mm]254545
C [mm]7590117.6
Ø D [mm]
E [mm]12.515.115.1
F [mm]25.4519.619.6

+Pin assignment: M8 jack according to IEC 947-5-2

  • Slot 0-7, or 0-11:
    Signal line: Socket 4
    DC 24 V: Socket 1
    0 V: Socket 3


  • Reduction of necessary inputs on the robot control via bundling (series switching logic AND) of several sensor signals
  • Inputs PNP, NPN or potential-free contact (NO or NC)
  • Outputs PNP, NPN or potential-free contact (NO)
  • Input LEDs for simplified troubleshooting
  • Assembly on SLine, MLine or XLine extrusions
  • Connection of several switch boxes possible

Technical data

Item no.GR04.304GR04.300GR04.308GR04.312
Max. number of inputs 4 6 8 12
Max. number of outputs 4 6 8 12
Operating voltage [V] 24 24 24 24
Protection class IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Weight [g] 180 171 230 325
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+Ordering notes

  • Slot nuts and screws for SLine / MLine included in scope of delivery


Item no.GR04.304GR04.300GR04.308GR04.312
A [mm]9494130180
B [mm]65949494
C [mm]57575757
D [mm]7979115165
E [mm]50797979
F [mm]25252525

T-coupler bundlers with and/or logic

coupler-bundlers-fipa-20526 Enlarge picture
  • T-coupler connects 2x M8-female with 1x M8-male
  • Interconnection of sensor signals on gripper systems

Technical data

Item no.20.52420.52520.525/NPN20.526
Electric connection PNP / NPN PNP NPN PNP
Operating voltage [VDC] 24 24 24 10 - 35
Protection class IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Logic 2x or 2x and 2x and 2x and/or
Weight [g] 15 15 15 25
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  • Please note for 20.525 and 20.525/NPN:
    If more than five sensors need to be connected we recommend to use switch boxes such as GR04.300 instead of T-couplers



20.524, 20.525, 20.525/NPN



  • a = Plug, 3-pin M8x1
  • b = Socket, 3-pin M8x1
Item no.20.52420.52520.525/NPN20.526
A [mm]45454545
B [mm]35353525
C [mm]15151510

+Application example

Signal converters M8 / signal inverter M8

Convert sensor signals independent of robot controller
  • Signal converter / signal inverter comes in two types:
    - PNP Inverter 20.530 for grippers with indirect part detection
    - PNP-NPN converter 20.531 for using PNP sensors in NPN circuits
  • LEDs to display status and switching state
  • Using model 20.530 with grippers with indirect part detection, enables signal activation if a part has been gripped
  • Recommended for use with grippers GR04.091, GR04.111A, GR04.130F

Technical data

Item no.20.53020.531
Input signal PNP PNP
Output signal PNP NPN
Connection M8x1 M8x1
Max. ampacity [mA] 200 200
Operating voltage [VDC] 10 - 35 10 - 35
Current consumption [mA] < 20 < 20
Max. switching frequency [Hz] 3,500 5,000
Minimum pulse duration [ms] > 0.1 > 0.1
Protection class IP67 IP67
Ambient air temperature [°C] -25 - 70 -25 - 70
Weight [g] 17 17
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  • a = LED status
  • b = LED Switching output

+Plug assignment