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The all-new FIPALIFTpro: Powerful, intuitive lifting

Handle heavy objects effortlessly with the new FIPALIFTpro. The tube lifter from FIPA for efficient and easy work.

Powerful, intuitive lifting

FIPALIFTpro with its unique control handle design, allows for powerful lifting of loads up to 75kg. The intuitive, ergonomic, easy to use single handed controls create a versatile, user friendly and powerful solution. Lift, lower and balance the load all with one hand.

Our aim at FIPA is to provide equipment and solutions that create user happiness and thus promote workplace wellbeing. Effective ergonomic handling equipment requires operators being willing and able to use the equipment, so intuitive easy to use controls are essential.

With good ergonomics must come good economics. The FIPALIFTpro, with it‘s premium construction ensures a robust hard wearing product, that is able to meet the demands of all industrial environments, delivering an increase in both productivity and wellbeing.

A wide range of suction feet are available to handle a wide variety of objects and applications.

1 Ergonomic control handle allows for easy, smooth and quick lifting. The controls are easy to use for both left and right handed operators.

2 Integrated 90 degree angle joint and 360 degree swivel allow for flexible lifting. The quick disconnection system ensures the quick and smooth change between suction feet.

3 Sack foot for bag and sack handling.

4 Adjustable double rectangular suction foot.

Smart Gripper – smart Partnership

FIPA has entered into a strategic partnership with FORMHAND to add a new universal gripper to its portfolio. As a universally applicable and innovative gripping system, the FORMHAND replaces many product-specific solutions for making production and logistics more flexible, where goods of different shapes are moved.

Our tube lifter FIPALIFTpro with its unique control handle design allows for effortless and efficient lifting of heavy loads. The intuitive, ergonomic and easy to use controls create a versatile and powerful solution. In combination with the FORMHAND gripping pad you can lift, lower and balance loads in a wide variety of shapes with just one hand.


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FIPALIFTpro: Powerful, intuitive lifting

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