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That's what happens after you apply.

What happens after you have applied to FIPA and what do the first weeks look like if your application was successful?

Our interview process

After the first screening of the application documents, we want to find out during our interview process if you are our "Perfect Match". How well you fit the company and team as well as your expertise and potential are very important to us. At the same time you have the opportunity to get a clear picture of our company, our teams and our products.

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Phone interview

In the telephone interview you will get a first personal impression of FIPA and learn more about the requirements of the job advertisement.

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Personal meeting

We want to find out more about you! Convince us that you fit in with FIPA. Of course, it is also important to us that you get to know your potential team and complete your picture of FIPA.

Our onboarding process

A good start is equally important for new employees and the company. Therefore, the FIPA onboarding concept provides orientation for the structured integration of new employees into our company. It includes a professional overview of all areas of responsibility, the presentation of the company goals and philosophy, and meeting colleagues in person. Onboardings are not just meetings; rather, FIPA understands the onboarding of new employees as a longer process, from signing the employment contract to the end of the probationary period.

The goal of our onboarding process is to make the employee feel comfortable and secure quickly. Employees should be able to complete their tasks without any problems and feel neither overwhelmed nor insufficiently challenged. They should know that their workplace is a good fit for their skills and at the same time that it helps them to progress. Furthermore, an excellent team spirit is important to us. The relationship with the management personnel at FIPA and other departments is also based on mutual respect and understanding. The employee should identify with the company's goals and corporate philosophy and be determined to contribute to its success.

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