Various components for grippers

Everything you need.

Gripper components for handling and automation solutions.

FIPA offers an enormous selection of active gripping components, air nippers and shears, linear technology and sensors for monitoring the gripping process along with extrusion systems and mounting elements that utilise clamping and screw technologies. FIPA offers rigid, adjustable, spring-loaded, anti-twist protected and adjustable versions of elbow arms (suction fingers) and cup holders.

Active gripping elements

As for extrusions and connector solutions, FIPA offers the S, M and XLine extrusion systems as well as angle clamps and angle connectors. In terms of active gripping components, FIPA offers a variety of grippers, such as sprue grippers, gripper fingers, expansion grippers, parallel grippers, needle grippers, magnetic grippers, air shears and air nippers.

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