Carbon plate for plate-based grippers from FIPA

A good alternative to extrusions.

With plate based gripper systems made of aluminum or carbon fibre (CFRP), lightweight design meets end-of-arm-tooling.

The benefits of FIPA plate based systems

  • ●  Simpler gripper structure than extrusion systems: reduced cost and lower weight
  • ●  Construction without connector elements, such as angle clamps
  • ●  Higher gripping dynamics and lower energy consumption through reduced gripper weight

Application examples

Grippers for a two-component workpiece

Application example 1: Grippers for a two-component workpiece

  • ●  Compact construction consisting of four parallel grippers, guide blocks and quick-change system
  • ●  Four centering plates
  • ●  Connection for Harting plug
Grippers for cylindrical workpieces

Application example 2: Grippers for cylindrical workpieces

  • ●  Constructed of four vinyl vacuum cups, 12 POM centering pins and quick-change system
  • ●  Connection for Harting plug
Grippers for electronics components

Application example 3: Grippers for electronics components

  • ●  Made up of guide blocks with four grippers and six parallel grippers
  • ●  Quick-change system for robot linking

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