Multi-chamber ejectors, high suction power

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Product features
  • High vacuum level at low feed pressures, and thus particularly efficient use of compressed air as well as suitability for fluctuating air pressure levels
  • Handling of porous products, or for high leakages
  • High suction power for short evacuation times in the lower vacuum range
  • Noise-optimized operation due to open silencer
  • Industry examples: packaging and printing

Air saving function (Index LSE)

  • Saving compressed air during handling of dense workpieces
  • Examples of use:

    Automatic switching off of vacuum generation during Pick & Place applications of dense workpieces if e.g. downstream processes are delayed. Saving compressed air when using the multi-chamber ejectors for feeding vacuum tanks.
65.340 | 65.350 | 65.360 | 65.370 | 65.380 | 65.390
  • a=Air saving function (optional)
    b=Connection vacuum gauge and/or vacuum switch
    c=Vacuum gauge (optional)
    z=Compressed air connection
    q=Vacuum connection
    s=Exhaust outlet (R)
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Air consumption against feed pressure
Suction power against feed pressure
Vacuum level against feed pressure
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