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FIPA's useful service for media representatives and interested parties. Here you will find the latest information on new FIPA products, practical case studies and everything else related to material flows. To be included in our media distribution list, please contact your media contact by e-mail: Jennifer Heidbrede (e-mail:

  • Plastic parts from the injection moulding machine

    FIPA in practice: A Gripper with Thermalon® Vacuum Cups for Rapid Demolding of Injection Molded Parts from an 8 Cavity Mold


    Tasked with creating a demolding gripper that would yield extremely fast cycle times to achieve a high output, FIPA developed a high-performance, cost-effective solution for German manufacturer Fra...

  • FIPA Webshop on different devices.

    FIPA Launches e-Commerce Webshop to Deliver Enhanced Worldwide Customer Support


    “The FIPA Webshop is the result of significant investment and extensive consultation with our customers to determine how best to serve their needs and make their ordering experience faster, easier,...

  • FIPA grippers in use

    FIPA in practice: Gripping thin cardboard packaging without leaving marks


    Beerthai Co. Ltd. is a business unit of ThaiBev, the largest brewery group in Thailand. In their packaging line, robots pick up thin partitions and place them in packaging boxes for bottles. The gr...

  • FIPA tilting tool for heavy panels

    FIPA in practice: Tilting heavy panels at the touch of a button


    In the coating line, for example, at least two members of staff had to lift the doors which arrived in a horizontal position and hang them on the chain conveyor – a dangerous and physically demandi...

  • Pneumatic tilting tool for tube lifter FIPALIFT Expert

    FIPA presents: The FIPA tilting tool enables effortless moving of heavy panels


    The pneumatic tilting tool attachs to the tube lifter FIPALIFT Expert. Consequently FIPA continues to adhere to the construction kit concept. The tilting tool is installed between the tube lifter a...

  • Tube lifter FIPALIFT in use in internal logistics.

    FIPA in practice: At the cutting edge of logistics


    Rudolf Ostermann GmbH, with headquarters in Bocholt, Germany, is a leading European wholesaler for edges and accessories, dispatching up to 6,000 positions daily. The buyers are craftsmen, such as ...

  • Variopack® suction cups with flowpack

    FIPA presents: New Variopack® vacuum cups for stable P&P of flowpacks


    The packaging industry is increasingly using material-saving flowpacks for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. These have proved invaluable, for example, for liquid soap refill packs. Handl...

  • Tube lifter from FIPA in use

    FIPA in practice: Restack packages and sacks by pressing a button


    At IKEA Components s.r.o. in Malacky north of Bratislava/Slovakia, packages and plastic sacks weighing up to 35 kg are transferred from one pallet to another. This has always been rather heavy work...

  • Gripper range from FIPA

    FIPA presents: New look sprue gripper range


    Due to their high closing force, wide jaw opening and compact design, the series 90 grippers reliably grip small sprues. The series 100 is designed to securely grip medium to large sprues. Gap-free...

  • Varioflex gripper in use

    FIPA in practice: Reliable picking for cardboard packaging


    To handle the perforated cardboard packaging, Smurfit uses grippers with vacuum cups. However, the bellows vacuum cups previously in use would sporadically lose the packaging during picking, an...

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