FIPA presents: The FIPA tilting tool enables effortless moving of heavy panels

With its pneumatic tilting tool FIPA offers another energy-saving solution for increased ergonomic handling and industrial safety. The expansion to the FIPALIFT range of tube lifters tilts sheet metal panels and large components with a weight of up to 180 kg by 90°.


The pneumatic tilting tool attachs to the tube lifter FIPALIFT Expert. Consequently FIPA continues to adhere to the construction kit concept. The tilting tool is installed between the tube lifter and the load beam. As part of a handling solution which consists of a tube lifter FIPALIFT Expert and a load beam, the module is designed for lifting and tilting heavy panels by 90° without any back strain. The module is operated by a manual valve and accesses all angles from 0° to 90°.


Tilting sheet materials is a common process step in sheet metal, wood and glass processing companies. Due to space constraints these companies often store sheet materials vertically and subsequently process them in a horizontal position. Furthermore sheet materials are usually supplied stacked horizontally on pallets. Manual tilting during the production process can cause accidents and requires at least two members of staff. The FIPA tilting tool reduces the risk of accidents, prevents back strain and can be operated by only one member of staff.


The tilting tool was developed as part of a customised solution for the Irish company Ballingly Joinery 2000 Ltd in close cooperation with Pneumatics Limited, FIPA’s Irish partner. Pneumatics Limited provided all aspects of project planning on-site. The tilting tool is another example of how FIPA caters to customer requirements in a customised manner.


The FIPA tilting tool at a glance:


  • Ergonomic: Minimises back strain for employees
  • Lower risk of accidents: Reliable handling of heavy panels
  • High holding force: Handling of panels up to 180 kg in weight
  • Easy to use: The tilting action is activated by a manual valve
  • Simplified workflow: Lifting and tilting at the touch of a button

Pneumatic tilting tool from FIPA as 3D model.


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