Vacuum cups accessories

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For optimal integration into your gripper system, FIPA offers a wide selection of accessories for vacuum cups. Whether screw connections, thread adapters, bulkhead connectors, screws, discs, filter discs, rings or clamps – all parts are perfectly compatible with FIPA vacuum technology.

Accessories for vacuum cups by FIPA - Small products that make a big impact!

If you also want to equip your production process with our vacuum cups, we will make installation easy. A diverse range of threaded connectors, fittings and discs make the integration of our high quality vacuum components a quick and easy process. For example, our bulkhead connectors enable you to precisely adjust the height of the vacuum cup installation. To enable your new vacuum system runs for a long time, we have specially tailored filter discs, rings and clamps to meet the requirements of our customers. Filter discs are inserted into the folds of bellows vacuum cups and prevent contamination of vacuum generators. This assures you a dependable and error-free production, even with dust exposure. A safe vacuum process from start to finish.

Spring levelers

FIPA spring levelers compensate for product height tolerances and enable the gentle handling of delicate products without additional control technology. A single spring, internal or external depending on the model, cushions the touch down of the vacuum cup. Torsionally rigid models allow the use of oval vacuum cups. FIPA spring levelers are designed for grippers with rapid cycle times in highly dynamic applications.  Shop

Fittings for vacuum cups

FIPA offers numerous fitting models for mounting vacuum cups to extrusions and support plates of the gripping system. Shop


FIPA joints for vacuum cups, also called jointed mountings in professional circles, perfectly compensate for angular differences between suction pads and the product. Possible applications include the compensation for inclined product surfaces and sagging product angles, such as thin metal sheets and wooden, glass and plastic panels. FIPA offers jointed vacuum cup mountings with ball joint and rubber-metal bellows. Shop

Filter discs, rings & clamps

FIPA filter discs for insertion into the bellows of bellows vacuum cups prevent the soiling of vacuum generators. Your handling system will work reliably longer in environments with dust exposure. With rings to reinforce the bellows vacuum cups, collapsing under high vacuum is made difficult. FIPA reinforcing rings are available in different diameters and heights. FIPA fitting rings and adapter discs make the integration of vacuum cups into the gripper system easy. Shop