FIPA products for Sheet Metal Handling

High quality, design, functionality, and a long cycle life - expectations placed upon metal and sheet metal products are growing considerably. Products must be produced in a cost-effective manner with minimal weight while maintaining structural integrity. Here, the issue of hot working has a central role, and likewise groups together individual work steps such as hot working, trimming, and the punching of holes to create a single production step.

In addition, the individual machines should also be able to communicate with other plants. Data exchange along the entire production chain enables optimised production processes with increased planning safety, more flexibility, productivity, and better product quality. As a result requirements increasingly relate to automatic control, monitoring, and the evaluation of processes. Interface management becomes more important, even in the case of the smallest components such as ejectors for vacuum generation.

Broad product diversity along with reduced lot sizes results in increased complexity in the processing of sheet metal and the demand for effective, highly flexible solutions.

The benefits of FIPA solutions for handling sheet metal:

  • Highly wear-resistant materials for the dynamic handling of dry and oiled sheet metal parts in pressing plants and for shell construction and body construction.
  • Vacuum cups that are free from silicone and PWIS for low-marking handling and trouble-free subsequent painting.
  • Gripping spiders “FIPA Spider” for robot-aided or manual handling of large sheet metal parts.
  • Efficient vacuum generation with integrated parts control for maximum process safety in sheet metal processing.
  • Innovative gripper systems that intelligently combine suction technology with pneumatic End-of-Arm-Tooling (for example, rubberised grippers for gently handling optically high-quality surfaces).


FIPA vacuum cups for Sheet Metal Handling

The SM-B series bellows vacuum cups are specially optimised for the dynamic handling of oily sheet metal.

  • anti-slip cleats ensure excellent slip resistance
  • high lateral forces are effectively absorbed
  • cleats in the bellows ensure that thin metal sheets can be gripped without deformation
  • soft sealing lips reduce the leakage volume flow
  • vulcanised connection thread

The wide range of vacuum cups and other accessories allows you to handle metal sheets without leaving any bumps, scratches or residues that could interfere with painting. In doing so, it does not matter whether the sheets are textured, smooth, oily, non-magnetic or hot.

For more information on our vacuum cups for sheet metal handling, see our free brochure (PDF download) >>>


FIPA Varioflex® bellows cups

With 1.5 bellows (SP-BX1 series) and 2.5 bellows (SP-BX2 series) with diameters ranging from 15 to 75 mm.

  • Special polyurethane in varying degrees of hardness
  • Soft lips for an effective seal
  • Easily adapted to uneven workpiece surfaces
  • Above-average service life and low wear
  • Short cycle times and high process reliability

More information on the Varioflex® bellows suction cups can be found here >>>


FIPA Spider

The vacuum lifter FIPA Spider is a vacuum traverse that was developed for use on a chain hoist.

The FIPA Spider is available as standard for loads up to 250 kg and 500 kg. We can adapt the cross beam to your needs using a wide range of accessories.

  • Special fittings for the crane bulb
  • Visual warning signal for noisy work environments
  • Hinge for flexible handle
  • Additional cross beam

More information on the FIPA Spider can be found here >>>


Tube lifters FIPALIFT

The three standard versions of the FIPALIFT tube lifter are a versatile solution to all your lifting needs.

More information on the tube lifter FIPALIFT can be found here >>>

Get with the FIPA whitepaper an insight into the automated material flow and the manuel movement of loads.

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