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At FIPA there’s something going on every day. To ensure that you do not miss a single date, a single service or a single piece of important information we have brought together for you here our latest announcements:

FIPA news: FIPA gets kids moving!
New jerseys for youth football academy in Thailand


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly important to companies and staff at FIPA Ltd. who feel strongly about supporting social causes. In 2016 and 2017, funds were donated to a children’s home. In 2018, they fulfilled their social responsibility by sponsoring a youth football academy in western Thailand.

FIPA news: FIPA as guest at Expoplast 2018


Expoplast is one of the most important trade fairs for the plastics industry for Romania and the Balkan region.

FIPA news: Together with Dentec at TAROPAK 2018


TAROPAK is an international trade fair for packaging technology in Poznań, Poland.

FIPA news: FIPA at TOP TEH’s Technology Day


FIPA presents its completely revised gripper family in an unusual location: in a former cinema - at TOP TEH’s Technology Day in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

FIPA news: “Build a better world” - EUROBOT 2018 Robotics Contest


That was the slogan of this year’s EUROBOT 2018, which took place in France. In this contest, student teams from all over the world competed against each other on a playing field with their mobile robots and solve different tasks in a given time frame.

FIPA news: FIPA and Dentec at the PLASTPOL 2018


Plastpol is one of the largest trade fairs for the plastics industry in Poland and Eastern Europe and attracts a large number of leading companies from the plastics processing sector every year.

FIPA news: FIPA sponsors Formula Student racing team with a vacuum pump

FIPA is supporting “ATHENE RacingTeam e. V.” from Bundeswehr University Munich as a parts sponsor. The sponsored FIPA vacuum pump DO.4C-1 has proven to be a reliable vacuum generator in the experimental manufacture of vehicle parts made from fibre composites.

FIPA news: Robot Competition EUROBOT 2016
Mobile Robots on the Beach


Summer, sun & beach – and FIPA vacuum cups play a crucial role. What at first sounds like a holiday was hard work for the robotics workgroup at TU Dresden.

FIPA in practice: Workers effortlessly move planks weighing 160 kg
FIPALIFT tube lifter stands the test of the wood industry


FIPA GmbH developed an individual handling solution based on the FIPALIFT Expert tube lifter for the stairway construction company Krieger Treppen GmbH, which relieves workers of heavy labor and increases productivity. The project’s success depended on combining the FIPALIFT tube lifter with all FIPA vacuum and gripper components.

FIPA in action: New gripper system for supplier in the automotive industry
Reliable handling of hot plastic parts


A renowned supplier from the automotive industry entrusted FIPA ( with the development, manufacture and commissioning of a custom gripper for removing hot plastic parts from injection molding machines.

FIPA presents: Quick-change systems with innovative SAFE-LOCK
Fast and reliable gripper change


FIPA is expanding its End-of-Arm-Tooling range with SAFE-LOCK quick-change systems. A new snap-on mechanism combined with an optical locking indication improves safety in the production process. The manual tool changer is made of high-strength aluminium alloy and is suitable for high acceleration and vibration.

Get a strong grip: Gap-free grippers for secure parts removal


Are you looking for a gripper that can grip extremely thin sprues and tabs? The improved version of the FIPA grippers in the 100 series takes care of these handling tasks without a problem, for example when removing parts from injection molding or tooling machines.

FIPA presents: New ID grippers for parts with different diameters
Flexible and service-friendly


Looking for a solution to handle a difficult task? When vacuum cups and grippers just aren’t up to the job, then the new ID grippers from FIPA might just be the right solution. The perfect ID gripper is available for every diameter range.

FIPA innovation: Powerful gripping and no scratches left behind


For the second time in just a few years, FIPA GmbH is once again the first provider of innovative grippers for the gentle removal of injection molds. All gripper jaws are now completely coated with HNBR.

Automation with FIPA: Vacuum grippers reduce set-up times


FIPA vacuum grippers ensure that roofing tiles are safely stacked at an international building materials company. The gripper system handles these without costly retooling thus increasing productivity in the production process.

FIPA innovation: Who can lift a ton of steel without batting an eyelash?
Lifting solutions for steel processer in East Asia


FIPA GmbH’s in-depth professional expertise and customized vacuum technology put on an impressive show during the project with the South Korean steel processer DAHO TECH COMPANY. FIPA’s vaccum cups and other vacuum components scored a lot of points in their handling of heavy steel plates with a high level of process reliability.

Heavy-duty Spring Levelers with a high positional accuracy and a long life cycle


Harsh production environments with dust, sensitive products and adjustments for height differences: The new heavy-duty spring levelers of the SZ-NIV-HD series enable you to handle such difficult tasks.

FIPA presents: New vacuum cups for process-safe sheet metal handling


Our expertise from over 20 years of experience is invested in the new vacuum cups for sheet metal handling. The results are flat and bellows vacuum cups that are tailor-made to suit perfectly the high demands of the automated production and handling of sheet metal pieces in the automotive, machinery and plant construction sectors as well as the sheet metal and metal processing industries. The broad spectrum of vacuum cups for sheet metal handling offers unbeatable quality at a competitive price.

FIPA news: EUROBOT 2014 Robot Competition
FIPA provides parts for TU Dresden team


FIPA is committed to supporting future engineers in pursuing practical work alongside their studies. That is why the TURAG robotics team of the TU Dresden was sponsored by FIPA vacuum cups for the international robotics competition EUROBOT 2014.

FIPA presents: Website relaunch facilitates use


Find the right product with just a few clicks: The completely redesigned FIPA website offers you not only a totally new layout, but also a variety of user-friendly functions. You can access information on all of the products and their CAD data. Functions such as the quotation list and redirecting the shopping cart to your purchase department make it even quicker and easier to obtain quotations.

Automation with FIPA: Customised gripper protects employees’ backs


FIPA GmbH has developed a gripper for AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG that considerably improves ergonomics in the workplace. The gripper makes it easier to handle electric motors, shortens cycle times and offers a high degree of process reliability.

FIPA in Automation: Flexible Vacuum Grippers for Precise Handling of Precast Concrete Units
“Pick & Place” specialist satisfies individual customer requirements


When FIPA’s clients look for solutions, we deliver with innovative and customized products. Learn how we partnered with one of our clients to develop a customized gripper for the production of multi-layer concrete components. The entire project was nominated for the 2013 BAUMA Innovation Award - an honor presented every 3 years to top companies which showcase groundbreaking developments in machinery and equipment for construction, building materials and mining.

FIPA innovation: Varioflex® suction cup improves process reliability when removing injection molding parts from molds


Even though they have only just been launched onto the market, our new Varioflex® dual durometer suction cups are already being used by Tanne Kunststofftechnik, a long-standing supplier to the automobile industry.

FIPA news: Highly wear-resistant Varioflex® bellows suction cups


Excellent reset force, best possible sealing: The robust Varioflex® dual durometer bellows suction cups are designed for automation applications where a strong holding force and a long cycle life are a must in addition to short cycle times. The suction cups are made from a special polyurethane that combines two material hardnesses. The soft sealing lip is a hit when it comes to materials with rough or curved surfaces thanks to its high holding force and long cycle life - ideal for the reliable handling of cardboard packaging, wood, concrete, and other abrasive products.

FIPA innovation: Compact ejector with blow-off boost for ultra-fast cycle times


The extremely cost-effective new ejector provides highly dynamic handling by enabling minimal cycle times. Thanks to the innovative blow-off boost effect, workpieces are deposited quickly, precisely and above all gently – ideal for high-speed applications in automation and robotics.

FIPA presents: Bag gripper with integrated vacuum generation


Reliable, flexible, individually adjustable: With the bag gripper for handling flexible bag-type containers and shrink-wrapped packaging, FIPA offers a low-maintenance, reliable solution. In comparison to bag grippers with mechanical fingers, the FIPA solution requires less maintenance and can be adjusted quickly.