FIPA presents: Grippers with HNBR elastomers gently demould sensitive injection moulded parts


The housing and jaws of both grippers are made of an anodised, high-strength aluminium alloy. The HNBR elastomer impresses with a high operating temperature range from -30 °C up to 160 °C. It is also elastic, low-marking, wear-resistant, with low abrasion and free of paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS) and silicone. For FIPA, HNBR is therefore the preferred material for the contact surfaces of grippers when it comes to removing sensitive plastic parts from moulds.

The new GR04.106 gripper ensures gentle gripping due to its exceptionally soft pads made of HNBR, therefore eliminating the possibility of leaving scratches or damaging even sensitive plastic parts. Worn pads can be replaced within minutes. The time-consuming installation and removal of the complete gripper as well as the subsequent testing and possible reprogramming work on the gripper system is unnecessary. FIPA will have the pads always available for immediate delivery.

The GR04.100-HNBR gripper with fully coated HNBR jaws is particularly suited for handling chromed or painted plastic parts. Occasional contact of workpieces with the gripper jaws will not scratch the sensitive surfaces. A wide jaw opening facilitates secure gripping of large sprues and due to its gap-free closing, reliably grips even flat sprues.

FIPA HNBR grippers at a glance:


  • Gentle gripping: Exceptionally soft HNBR pads prevent scratches or damage
  • Time- and cost-saving replacement: Simple clip mounting of the pads without removal of the complete gripper


  • Ideal for chromed or painted plastic parts: Fully coated gripper jaws prevent scratches or damage even in restricted spaces
  • Optimised gripping force: 22 N of closing force ensure it is suited to the requirements of the plastics industry