FIPA - Products & Services


As a provider of products connected with all aspects of material flows, FIPA places great emphasis not only on technical quality, but above all on person-to-person communication. A well-developed service culture ensures proximity to our customers – with the additional effect, that new and ongoing developments by FIPA have real value for the future, for our customers in particular, but also for the market in general.

Among the aspects that FIPA takes for granted, are knowledgeable support and personal service, both in overall projects and, where required, individual solutions – tailored to the special requirements of each customer. This is where the FIPA experts come into their own, with outstanding applications know-how, professional project management and innovative solutions and approaches: FIPA considers it as a challenge to find solutions, where others have already given up. FIPA sells its products and solutions in three product divisions:

1. FIPA Vacuum Technology

With over 20,000 variants worldwide, FIPA offers the greatest selection of vacuum cups, and has sold several million of them in all corners of the world.

The individual components are perfectly tailored to suit the needs of the widest variety of sectors in terms of type, size and material – and we also offer a complete range of peripheral hardware for the generation and control of vacuums, hoses, fittings – in brief, everything you need for the implementation of this material flow solution of the future.

As a supplier of complete systems, FIPA GmbH not only offers all components from vacuum generators to control instruments and vacuum stations, all from the same supplier, but undertakes projects for the development of complete vacuum systems. This service is further enhanced by tests in practice of customers’ sample parts.

2. FIPA Gripper Systems

From individual gripper fingers and grippers to complete gripper systems for the handling of workpieces, however complicated their design. These include quick change-over systems, aluminium profiles, clamping and connector elements – with FIPA products you are sure to have a firm grip on small and large work pieces.

In addition to this: To meet the special needs of extraction robots and equipment for the plastics industry, FIPA offers all kinds of profiles and components which form the parts of a modular building block system which can be combined by the customer as required.

3. Air Nippers

For cutting, crimping, gripping, breaking, bending, punching, stretching and hot cropping – FIPA offers the plastics, electrical and electronics industries a comprehensive range of pneumatic manual and automated air nippers. This product sector also boasts full customer service: Individual solutions and the testing and optimisation of customers’ sample parts.