Magnetic grippers

Magnetic grippers serve to handle metal sheets or ferromagnetic workpieces with and without recesses. The FIPA MG series utilizes a combination of electromagnets and permanent magnets and thus increases duty cycles – even for thin and/or alloyed metal sheets, because the residual magnetism is extremely low once the electromagnet is switched off. This solution is extremely energy efficient, since only a short electrical impulse is required for the product release and its operation does not utilize pneumatics.

Magnetic grippers – electrical controlled

  • Safe handling of sheet metal or ferromagnetic workpieces with or without recesses
  • Very high holding force thanks to high-performance permanent magnet
  • Safe holding of the workpiece during power failures
  • NC normally closed
  • Short cycle times for thin and/or alloyed metal sheets thanks to negligible residual magnetism after switching off the magnetic force
  • No compressed air required
  • Very energy-efficient as a short electrical pulse is only required for product release
  • Robust design
  • Indicated holding forces are valid for direct placement, without air gap, on the flat holding surface

Technical data

Item no.MG35MG55MG70
Principle of operation Electrical Electrical Electrical
Rated power [W] 4.6 9 13.3
Gripping force [N] 160 420 720
Residual gripping force [N] < 1 < 1 < 1
Operating voltage of the switch-off coil [V] 24 24 24
Power-on time [ED] 25 % ED at < 2 min. 25 % ED at < 2 min. 25 % ED at < 2 min.
Min. recommended sheet thickness [mm] 3 4.5 6
Protection class IP65 IP65 IP65
Max. operating temperature [°C (°F)] 0 - 70 (32 - 158) 0 - 70 (32 - 158) 0 - 70 (32 - 158)
Weight [g] 200 500 900
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  • * = Holding surface
Item no.MG35MG55MG70
Ø A [mm]355570
B [mm]303645
C [mm]568


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