Accessories - Vacuum- / Pressure reversing valves

FIPA vacuum pressure reversing valves and reverse flow valves allow the switching of the side channel blower without changing the direction of rotation between the suction and pressure operations. When operating in vacuum pump mode (suction operation), the air is discharged through the exhaust opening. When operating in compressor mode (pressure operation), the intake air is led to the consumer.

FIPA vacuum/pressure reversing valves have three positions: suction, blow-off and neutral.

In vacuum generation systems that cannot rule out operation with closed suction inlets, you will need a safety valve for vacuum limitation which must be mounted before the suction inlets.

Electro-pneumatic reversing valves for side channel blowers

  • Operation of a side channel blower as a vacuum pump for suction or compressor for blow-off
  • Blow-off volume flow is directed to the vacuum cup / load, without reversing the direction of rotation of the blower
  • Three setting positions: Suction, blow-off, neutral
  • Working principle: Rotation of a cylinder, which is operated by an electrical motor-driven actuator

Technical data

Item no.33.074
Suction power [m³/h] 300
Power supply [VDC] 24
Power consumption [W] 10
Duty ratio [%] 100
Direction of rotation [°] -45 / 0 / +45
Mean control time [s] 0.5
Minimum time interval between successive cycles [s] 0.1
Protection class IP55
Weight [kg] 3.2
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Please note for the neutral position (0°):

  • If operation with closed suction inlets cannot be excluded, a vacuum limiting valve (safety valve) must be installed before the suction inlet


  • a = System connection
  • b = Side channel blower connection
  • c = Air inlet / outlet

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