Touch valves

FIPA touch valves are equipped with a spring-loaded plunger that opens the vacuum supply line as soon as the vacuum cup is placed on the workpiece. The installation of touch valves in compatible vacuum cups allows idle suction openings to remain closed when processing workpieces with varying geometries, thus maintaining the vacuum level in the automation system. Thanks to spring-loaded touch impacts, FIPA touch valves work reliably mounted in any position.

Touch valves

  • Maintains the vacuum level in vacuum systems
  • Mechanical scanning leaves unused suction openings closed
  • Spring-loaded suspension allows for any mounting position
  • Low susceptibility to dirt and very safe operation

Technical data

Item no.270.129270.13063.02663.02763.032
Weight [g] 7 62 29 21 8
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  • Touch valves are directly screwed into vacuum cup, no further fittings needed



270.129, 270.130


63.026, 63.027



Item no.270.129270.13063.02663.02763.032
A [mm]2743655645
B [mm]----4546--
Ø B [mm]1225----7.3
C [mm]1.51.513512
D [mm]2235----6.5
Ø D [mm]----1111--
E [mm]--------10
Ø E [mm]58------
F [mm]1732------


Item no. Suitable fittings
270.130270.268, 270.266, 270.286
63.026270.268, 270.266, 270.286
63.027270.268, 270.266, 270.286