Bellows vacuum cups with 1.5 folds for dynamic handling of oily metal sheets – SM-B

FIPA SM-B series bellows vacuum cups are specially optimised for the dynamic handling of oily sheet metal. Robust anti-slip support ribs ensure an extraordinarily high retention force for the sheet metal cups. High shear forces that occur, for example, when tipping oily metal sheets are reliably accommodated. Thanks to inner supports within the bellows body, thin-walled sheet metal like that used in car body construction, can be gripped without deformation – and without unwanted deep drawing. The 1.5 bellows enable the compensation of height and angle differences.

With its soft sealing lip, the vacuum cup for sheet metal handling also adapts to curved structures, thus ensuring a low leakage. A vulcanised connection thread guarantees a tight fit in the fitting even during the most dynamic gripping processes.

Bellows vacuum cups with 1.5 folds for dynamic handling of oily metal sheets – SM-B

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensionsConnection thread [mm]Material / ColourConnection threadH [mm]Data Sheet
22.030.171._* SM-B-30G1/4-male8NBR (bl)G1/4-male28 Download datasheet
22.030.172._* SM-B-30G1/4-female8NBR (bl)G1/4-female28 Download datasheet
22.030.173._* SM-B-30G3/8-female8NBR (bl)G3/8-female44 Download datasheet
22.030.174._* SM-B-30M10-male8NBR (bl)M10-male28 Download datasheet
22.030.175._* SM-B-30M14x1.5-male8NBR (bl)M14x1.5-male29 Download datasheet
22.030.176._* SM-B-30Rectangular adapter8NBR (bl)---- Download datasheet
22.040.177._* SM-B-40G1/4-male11NBR (bl)G1/4-male29 Download datasheet
22.040.178._* SM-B-40G1/4-female11NBR (bl)G1/4-female29 Download datasheet
22.040.179._* SM-B-40G3/8-female11NBR (bl)G3/8-female29 Download datasheet
22.040.180._* SM-B-40M10-male11NBR (bl)M10-male29 Download datasheet
22.040.181._* SM-B-40M14x1.5-male11NBR (bl)M14x1.5-male29 Download datasheet
22.040.182._* SM-B-40Rectangular adapter11NBR (bl)---- Download datasheet
22.050.183._* SM-B-50G1/4-male12.5NBR (bl)G1/4-male37 Download datasheet
22.050.184._* SM-B-50G1/4-female12.5NBR (bl)G1/4-female42 Download datasheet
22.050.185._* SM-B-50G3/8-female12.5NBR (bl)G3/8-female37 Download datasheet
22.050.186._* SM-B-50M10-male12.5NBR (bl)M10-male37 Download datasheet
22.050.187._* SM-B-50M14x1.5-male12.5NBR (bl)M14x1.5-male37 Download datasheet
22.050.188._* SM-B-50Rectangular adapter12.5NBR (bl)---- Download datasheet
22.060.189._* SM-B-60G1/4-male16.5NBR (bl)G1/4-male41.5 Download datasheet
22.060.190._* SM-B-60G1/4-female16.5NBR (bl)G1/4-female46.5 Download datasheet
22.060.191._* SM-B-60G1/8-female16.5NBR (bl)G3/8-female41.5 Download datasheet
22.060.192._* SM-B-60M10-male16.5NBR (bl)M10-male41.5 Download datasheet
22.060.193._* SM-B-60M14x1.5-male16.5NBR (bl)M14x1.5-male41.5 Download datasheet
22.060.194._* SM-B-60Rectangular adapter16.5NBR (bl)---- Download datasheet
22.080.195._* SM-B-80G1/4-male22NBR (bl)G1/4-male50 Download datasheet
22.080.196._* SM-B-80G1/4-female22NBR (bl)G1/4-female55 Download datasheet
22.080.197._* SM-B-80G3/8-female22NBR (bl)G3/8-female50 Download datasheet
22.080.198._* SM-B-80M10-male22NBR (bl)M10-male50 Download datasheet
22.080.199._* SM-B-80M14x1.5-male22NBR (bl)M14x1.5-male50 Download datasheet
22.080.200._* SM-B-80Rectangular adapter22NBR (bl)---- Download datasheet
22.100.201._* SM-B-100G1/4-male25NBR (bl)G1/4-male57 Download datasheet
22.100.202._* SM-B-100G1/4-female25NBR (bl)G1/4-female62 Download datasheet
22.100.203._* SM-B-100G3/8-female25NBR (bl)G3/8-female57 Download datasheet
22.100.204._* SM-B-100M10-male25NBR (bl)M10-male57 Download datasheet
22.100.205._* SM-B-100M14x1.5-male25NBR (bl)M14x1.5-male57 Download datasheet
22.100.206._* SM-B-100Rectangular adapter25NBR (bl)---- Download datasheet
22.125.207._* SM-B-125G1/4-male32NBR (bl)G1/4-male68 Download datasheet
22.125.208._* SM-B-125G1/4-female32NBR (bl)G1/4-female73 Download datasheet
22.125.209._* SM-B-125G3/8-female32NBR (bl)G3/8-female68 Download datasheet
22.125.210._* SM-B-125M10-male32NBR (bl)M10-male68 Download datasheet
22.125.211._* SM-B-125M14x1.5-male32NBR (bl)M14x1.5-male68 Download datasheet
22.125.212._* SM-B-125Rectangular adapter32NBR (bl)---- Download datasheet

+Product description

Robust, circular NBR bellows vacuum cups, 60° Shore A with vulcanized fitting made of aluminum and large area, multi-part "anti-slip" cleats.

Various connection threads available. Silicone-free.


  • Internal supports help to prevent deep-drawing or deformation of thin sheets
  • Leak-free suction even with curved surfaces due to flexible sealing lip
  • Fold geometry allows handling of three dimensional shaped sheets
  • Secure fit due to vulcanized connection thread

+"Anti-Slip" Cleats (SM-B-80)