Heavy-duty flat vacuum suction plates - SFPL-D

Whether marble, thick sheet metal, concrete parts, metal plates, rough sawn wooden panels or other heavy parts – thanks to a vulcanised steel plate and double sealing lip with high retention force, FIPA SFPL-D series heavy duty flat suction plates are optimised for smooth and rough product surfaces. A lateral connection on the vacuum distribution and central hole for fixing to the machine facilitate the mounting of heavy duty grippers.

Heavy-duty flat vacuum suction plates – SFPL-D

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensionsConnection thread [mm]Weight [g]Material / ColourData Sheet
152.160.127._* SFPL-D-160M12-female9970CR (sw) Download datasheet
152.200.128._* SFPL-D-200M12-female91,741CR (sw) Download datasheet
152.250.129._* SFPL-D-250M12-female92,990CR (sw) Download datasheet
152.300.130._* SFPL-D-300M16-female124,370NBR (sw) Download datasheet
152.350.131._* SFPL-D-350M16-female136,274NBR (sw) Download datasheet

+Product description

Heavy-duty vacuum suction plate for both smooth and rough surfaces such as metal sheets, cut marble, granite, precast concrete, metal plates or rough-sawn wood. Central mounting connection – lateral vacuum port.


  • Vulcanized steel carrier plate allows lifting of very heavy loads
  • Secure gripping of uneven surfaces thanks to additional inner sealing lip
  • Lateral vacuum connection