Bellows vacuum cups, 1.5 bellows – SBF-A

Thanks to a very fine and flexible sealing lip and height compensation by the bellow, FIPA SBF-A series bellows vacuum cups with 1.5 bellows securely grip even the most sensitive products with uneven surfaces.

Supports on the sealing lip prevent the deformation of thin-walled products and highly flexible materials, such as films, from being sucked in.

The high level of process security of the bellows vacuum cup in dynamic applications is supported by the tight and twist-proof fit of the screw holder.

Bellows vacuum cups, 1.5 folds – SBF-A

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Number of foldsMaterial / ColourData Sheet
Rubber sealing lip for attachment to fitting Rubber sealing lip for attachment to fitting
23.010.139._* SBF-A -1041.5NBR (sw), SI (tr), SI-LE (tr) Download datasheet
23.020.140._* SBF-A -2061.5NBR (sw), SI (tr), SI-LE (tr) Download datasheet
23.030.141._* SBF-A -3081.5NBR (sw), SI (tr), SI-LE (tr) Download datasheet
23.040.142._* SBF-A -409.51.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
23.050.143._* SBF-A -50111.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
23.080.144._* SBF-A -80101.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
Full vacuum cups with receptacleFull vacuum cups with receptacle
22.080.161._* SBF-A -80101.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet

+Product description

Bellows vacuum cup with soft, very flexible single sealing lip for handling highly sensitive products with high leveling adjustment.

Connection with fixed screwed nipple or attachment frame (Ø 80 mm). Compatible "snap-in" suspensions available.


  • Large holding force
  • Fine, flexible sealing lip fits in perfectly with irregularities of the product
  • Cleats for the sealing lip prevent retraction of flexible products (e.g. films)
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals
  • High process reliability due to fixed, non-rotating seat of the screw nipple