Bellows vacuum cups, 4.5 bellows – SBF-C

Are you looking for vacuum cups for the smooth handling of goods packaged in pouches, sacks and bags?

FIPA bellows vacuum cups with SBF-C series 4.5 bellows are able to adapt to irregularly shaped product surfaces with their fine and flexible sealing lips. With 4.5 bellows, the bellows vacuum cup effortlessly compensates height and angle differences.

The vacuum supply is connected by way of a screwed fitting.

The bellows vacuum cup series covers a lift range of 4 to 26 millimetres and is available in diameters ranging from 10 to 50 millimetres.

Bellows vacuum cups, 4.5 folds – SBF-C

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Number of foldsMaterial / ColourData Sheet
25.010.044._* SBF-C-1044.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
25.020.045._* SBF-C-20104.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
25.030.046._* SBF-C-30144.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
25.040.047._* SBF-C-40194.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
25.050.048._* SBF-C-50264.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet

+Product description

Bellows vacuum cup, 4.5 folds, with a very thin, flexible sealing lip and a large stroke. Fine, flexible sealing lip fits in perfectly with irregularities of the product (e.g. groceries packaged in bags).

Connection via screw nipples (hollow bolt + adapter)


  • Optimal height and angle compensation
  • Very good fit to irregular products
  • Gentle handling of sensitive products
  • A very safe seat, bolted down with a bracket from the bottom
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals