Bellows vacuum suction plates – SBPL-E

Regardless of weather the products being handled are glass plates or other heavy, but delicate products – FIPA SBPL-E series bellows suction plates employ strong suction power, a soft sealing lip and a bellow with slight spring effect to provide the optimal properties for gently handling such goods. These suction plates adapt excellently to product surfaces with concave and convex surfaces. Rubber supporting surfaces prevent the deformation of sensitive, thin-walled goods.

The suction plate series with low-marking NBA sealing lip is available in the diameters 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 mm.

Bellows vacuum suction plates – SBPL-E

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensionsConnection thread [mm]Weight [g]Number of foldsMaterial / ColourData Sheet
22.150.084._* SBPL-E-150G1/2-female324601.5NBR (gr) Download datasheet
22.200.087._* SBPL-E-200G1/2-female308601.5NBR (gr) Download datasheet
22.250.088._* SBPL-E-250G1/2-female381,9001.5NBR (gr) Download datasheet
22.300.091._* SBPL-E-300Without604,2001.5NBR (gr) Download datasheet
22.350.102._* SBPL-E-350Without554,2001.5NBR (gr) Download datasheet

+Ordering notes

Customized drilling patterns on request

+Product description

Vacuum suction plate, 1.5 folds, vulcanized carrier plate made of steel. Soft sealing lip from a low-marking NBR blend and lightly compressing bellows for gentle handling of heavy but sensitive products (e.g. glass plates). Divided support surfaces provide a firm grip for all loads.


  • Gentle handling of heavy, sensitive products
  • Good adaptation to both concave and convex surfaces
  • Rubberized support surfaces prevent deformation of workpieces
  • Low-marking