Oval vacuum cups for cylindrical products – SO-Z

Vacuum grippers for cylindrical/tubular products require a three-dimensional sealing lip contour that partially covers the handling goods, thus allowing a tight hold with low leakage. FIPA SO-Z series oval vacuum cups for cylindrical products with optimised sealing lip contour deliver higher suction power than standard oval vacuum cups. Round rods, bolts, needles and other cylindrical objects with diameters of 2 to 18 mm can be gripped with the oval vacuum cups of the SO-Z series.

Oval vacuum cups for cylindrical products – SO-Z

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensionsSuitable for cylindrical products with Ø [mm]Material / ColourData Sheet
201.10x3.005._* SO-Z-2-42 - 4NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
201.10x6.006._* SO-Z-3-73 - 7.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
132.15x7.073._* SO-Z-4-104 - 10SI (r) Download datasheet
201.12x9.007._* SO-Z-6-136 - 13NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
9.23x11.036._* SO-Z-10-1810 - 18SI (tr) Download datasheet

+Product description

Oval vacuum cup for cylindrical products such as pins, needles, tubes, etc.

Connection via plug-in nipple, hollow screw (SO-Z-10-18) or direct plug-in to the machine (SO-Z-4-10).


  • Significantly greater suction force over normal oval vacuum cups due to three-dimensional oval suction lip contour partially encompassing the workpiece
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals