Vacuum suction plates with foam rubber sealing lip - SP-PLM

FIPA suction plates with sealing lip made of foamed EPDM achieve an outstanding seal, even for products with pronounced surface structures. By clipping into the support plates, service personnel can quickly and cost-effectively replace the foam rubber sealing lips on the flat vacuum cups.

Vacuum suction plates with foam rubber sealing lip – SP-PLM

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensionsConnection thread [mm]Weight [g]Material / ColourData Sheet
160.042.001._* SP-PLM-35G1/8-female122EPDM (sw) Download datasheet
160.067.003._* SP-PLM-60G1/8-female163EPDM (sw) Download datasheet
160.107.006._* SP-PLM-100G1/2-female1234EPDM (sw) Download datasheet
160.145.014._* SP-PLM-140G1/2-female1588EPDM (sw) Download datasheet
160.215.009._* SP-PLM-200G3/4-female2.51,220EPDM (sw) Download datasheet
160.315.012._* SP-PLM-300G3/4-female2.52,482EPDM (sw) Download datasheet

+Product description

Flat vacuum suction plate with a soft, foamed sealing lip made of EPDM. The sealing lip snaps (form-locking) into a support plate.


  • Good sealing of heavily textured surfaces
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals