Tube lifters FIPALIFT

Tube lifters FIPALIFT

The FIPALIFT is a high-quality and sturdy tube lifter available in three versions: FIPALIFT Expert, Smart and Basic. The tube lifters are vacuum-based lifters that use suction to hold and lift the goods without the need for physical exertion.

Unlike traditional lifting equipment, such as chain hoists or block and tackles, complicated slinging of the load is hot required when using tube lifters. You will be quicker and more efficient, your employees will not be as tired from lifting heavy loads and they will remain motivated by using innovative technology.

FIPALIFT tube lifter Expert, the professional version for heavy loads, is used for handling awkward loads such as boards, plates, sheets and glass panes, but it can also be used for handling sacks, large boxes and cardboard boxes.

Its sturdy construction renders it suitable for use in harsh environments such as carpenter’s workshops, sheet metal working operations, the chemical industry and in food production.

FIPALIFT tube lifter Smart, the specialist in logistics handling processes, is often used for rapid relocation of light to medium weight loads.

It is particularly suitable for palletising, picking of cartons and boxes and as such is extremely popular in the fields of warehousing and logistics Its ergonomic and attractively shaped controller allows for efficient and exertion-free work.

FIPALIFT tube lifter Basic, the multi-talented one, for a low investment cost, shines as a result of its flexibility.

The comprehensive range of accessories and the EOAT adapter that makes the modular FIPA gripper kit usable allowing a wide range of problems to be solved. The optional safety valve also allows for the use of mechanical load-carrying equipment, so that loads can also be lifted that do not have a suitable surface for suction, such as open boxes and beverage crates.

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The FIPALIFT tube lifters have a wide range of applications in the most varied of fields:

  • Handling sacks in the chemical industry and in food production
  • Packages, crates, boxes and containers in shrink-wrap in warehousing and logistics
  • Boards, sheet metal and window panes in carpentry, window manufacturing, glazing, in the furniture industry and in metal processing
  • Barrels, drums, canisters and heavy cans in food and beverage manufacturing and in the chemical industry
  • and many more possibilities. Speak to us, we will be glad to offer you a wide variety of solutions

Tube lifters FIPALIFT applications

Special crossbars

Due to special solutions for lifting tasks from our gripper system, we are able to customize the FIPALIFT tube lifter to suit the requirements of your application.


Try before you buy

Designing a tube lifting system can sometimes be difficult depending on the application. We provide you with comprehensive support during the system design and, among our other services, we offer free tests with your materials.

You are welcome to visit our showroom in Ismaning and personally test out all three FIPALIFT tube lifter models with matching pumps. See the functionality and reliability of our vacuum lifter for yourself!

FIPALIFT Expert double unit

As a power pack, the FIPALIFT Expert double unit tube lifter is based on the expert model and fitted with two lift tubes. The lifting force of the FIPA vacuum lifting device increases to 290 kg with vacuum-proof materials.

Did you know that …

  • One in every 17 people in employment in 2013 was unable to work because of back problems?
  • The average period of sick leave for employees with a bad back is 17.5 days, which is five days longer than the overall sick leave average?
  • This results in €9.1 billion lost in productivity in the German economy?

(Source: health insurance fund Techniker Krankenkasse, study from 2013)

FIPALIFT increases the productivity of your employees and ensures an efficient workflow.


FIPALIFT tube lifter form

We have designed a form to find the best tube lifter for you.

Here is how it works:

  • Download the tube lifter form as a PDF or request a paper copy. The form is available in three language versions: German, British English, American English.
  • You can answer many of the questions by checking the relevant box, for example what loads you want to lift and what types of materials are involved. With some of the questions, we require you to enter statistical data, for example the weight of the load you want to lift.
  • In the field ‘Application description’, please briefly outline the intended use.
  • You can then send us the completed form by e-mail or fax.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on +1 919 651 9888.

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Arranging a visit

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