FIPA presents: New, user-friendly website


Great quality. Great customer service. That’s the driving force behind FIPA’s website relaunch. The new customer inspired design and website layout is an important part of FIPA’s commitment to great customer service. Additionally, the same simple system of categorization used in the catalogs is now also being used on the new website, which saves users the time-consuming task of having to learn a new search method.

Finding product information is much easier as well. On each product page you will find a photo, a product description, technical data, dimensions, diagrams and accessories. Visitors can now generate a datasheet for each product, including accessing CAD.

Want price quotes faster? The new shopping cart functionality brings a great deal of added value. As soon as a technician finds a suitable product and places it in the shopping cart, it can then be easily routed to the buyer by using the e-mail function. The buyer then has all of the information necessary for requesting a price quote. This reduces errors such as transposed digits or erroneous item descriptions during the ordering process. Furthermore, there is no need for any time-consuming copying or re-entering of information by the buyer.

The new website at a glance:

  • Categorized similar to FIPA catalogs: The navigation is geared towards the familiar categorization structure of FIPA’s catalogs. Users can quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Convenient shopping cart functionality: Technicians select products and buyers purchase them. This allocation of tasks, which is particularly common in large firms, is supported by the new shopping cart functionality. This means that customers can save themselves unnecessary work and avoid typing errors.
  • Flexible search: Quickly search for item numbers and specific terms. There is also a special search function that optimizes the search results by setting specified parameters.
  • Automatic recommendations: When users find the product they are searching for, they can redirect the relevant information automatically to their colleagues.
  • Obtaining price quotes: Each product page offers the opportunity to request a price quote. After entering some basic information, the request can be forwarded directly to FIPA.
  • Downloading CAD data after registration: Users can download CAD data of the products free of charge. This simplifies the integration of FIPA products into packaged solutions.