FIPA presents: The industry’s first sprue grippers with fully elastomer coated jaws


FIPA Inc. has introduced the industry’s first sprue gripper with fully elastomer-coated jaws. An extension of its 100 Series, which also introduced the industry’s first gripper with elastomer coating on the inner jaws, the new, technically optimized GR04.100-HNBR gripper gently grips workpieces, preventing the surface of even delicate materials from scratching, which makes it ideal for removing workpieces from injection molding machines.

Featuring high closing force, wide opening, and gap-free gripper jaws that enable the secure handling of both large and thin workpieces, the new 100 Series grippers are made of high-strength anodized aluminum alloy and feature jaws completely coated with HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber) on all sides, enabling the gentle handling of workpieces with maximum reliability. Absent of any paint-wetting impairment substances, the grippers’ HNBR elastomer coating does not leave any markings behind that could prevent the successful painting or coating of the plastic parts they come into contact with.

“The new elastomer-coated grippers further enhance our portfolio of components designed for removing workpieces from injection molding machines by enabling the removal of complexly shaped parts, with cavities and curvatures near the sprue, from damage, and subsequently reducing scrap that occurs as a result of accidental contact between the gripper and the workpiece,” said Rainer Mehrer, president of FIPA.

Intended for use in filtered and oiled or unoiled air, the new single-acting 100 Series gripper with elastomer coated jaws weigh 1.69 oz (48 g) and have a 10mm clamping diameter. Operating pressure spans 250 to 800 kPa (2.5 to 8 bar), and the closing force at 600 kPa (6 bar) is 22 N.

Other grippers in the 100 Series include medium sized grippers for adapting to customized, interchangeable jaws, grippers with HNBR padded inner jaws, and grippers with and without sensors, all of which have a 10mm clamping diameter.

For more information about FIPA’s new 100 Series grippers with completely elastomer coated jaws, please download the product datasheet.