Bellows vacuum suction plates, Softgrip – SBPL-SG

Softgrip bellows suction plates are optimised for the smooth handling of heavy, but sensitive products. These suction cups combine the high stability of flat suction plates with the flexibility of bellows vacuum cups. A supporting block, which is also equipped with a sealing lip, ensures a tight and secure hold. A slight compression of the bellows aids in the smooth handling of the product.

Mounted on a FIPALIFT vacuum lifter or robot arm, FIPA softgrip bellows suction plates enable the process-secure handling of heavy objects, for example, glass plates.

Bellows vacuum suction plates Softgrip – SBPL-SG

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Weight [oz]Material / ColorNumber of foldsData Sheet
22.150.109._* SBPL-SG-1502812.45NBR (sw)1.5 Download datasheet
22.210.115._* SBPL-SG-2103230.34NBR (sw)1.5 Download datasheet

+Product description

Vacuum suction plate with 1.5 folds for gentle handling of heavy but sensitive products (e.g. glass plates). Divided support surfaces prevent deformation of the product and provide a firm grip. Additional safety sealing lip on the support block positions the product orthogonally to the ground.

Connection via an interlocking, snap-in aluminum plate.


  • Very careful handling due to soft sealing lip and lightly compressing bellows
  • Cleats provide product support
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals