Hand grippers

Whether glass plates, smooth wood panels or other polished surfaces – FIPA SX-G series vacuum hand grippers enable the manual handling of these products without a separate vacuum source. A simple press of the release button releases the product.

Hand grippers – SX-G

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensionsTearing force [lbs]Material / ColorData Sheet
64.001._* SX-G-5530.9Vinyl (sw) Download datasheet
64.002._* SX-G-6541.9Vinyl (sw) Download datasheet
64.003._* SX-G-7548.5Vinyl (sw) Download datasheet
64.004._* SX-G-12555.1NBR (sw) Download datasheet
64.005._* SX-G-13061.7Vinyl (sw) Download datasheet

+Product description

Sturdy gripper for the manual handling of flat, smooth products.

No vacuum source required. Simple handling.

Release of the product via a release button.