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FIPALIFT Easy, with a lifting force of up to 65 kg, was developed to make the most efficient use possible of the freight and cargo space in trucks and containers.

With a classic tube lifter, it is often not possible to stack goods high without sacrificing ergonomics.

The L-shaped operating handle, specially designed for this requirement, facilitates ergonomic working – even in the case of overhead stack heights, without the operator having to stretch or bend over the pallet.

The shape of the operating handle thus allows the operator to lift the load from the floor and place it at a considerable height while remaining upright at all times.

The fully integrated release valve enables the rapid placement of lifted.

  • Transport costs are high and often depend on both the used and unused freight volumes
  • FIPALIFT Easy facilitates the most efficient possible use of freight volumes and thus helps you save on transport costs
  • FIPALIFT Easy is based on FIPALIFT Basic technology, meaning that all its accessories also fit the Easy


FIPALIFT Easy standard versions

  • The basic versions include standard equipment such as a control handle, a stroke of 2.5 m and a suspension with eyelet
  • Apart from standard equipment, we also offer a wide range of factory-fitted options
  • The necessary vacuum supply, vacuum cups and gripper device are not included in the scope of delivery
  • Please note the table of combinations for ”Combination of lifting tube diameter and pump” which can be used to establish the best possible combination for the required lifting force
  • All the accessories for the FIPALIFT Basic can be used for the FIPALIFT Easy
  • Other lifting tube lengths are available as an option
  • We would be pleased to help you choose the right system design

Technical data

Item no.SH.BAS.EAS.100SH.BAS.EAS.120SH.BAS.EAS.140
Ø Lifting tube [mm] 100 120 140
Mounting heigth at lifting tube length 2.5 m [mm] 2,800 2,800 2,800
Length [mm] 3,000 3,000 3,000
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+Gripping the load from above

+Combination of lifting tube diameter and pump

The bars in the diagram show the recommended load weights that can be handled by the individual combination of lifting tube diameter and pump. The recommendations are based on appropriate lifting speeds. A light load will be lifted faster than a heavy load. A non porous load (NP), for example a metal sheet, will be lifted faster than a porous load (P), for example a carton.

Do not use the combination of lifting tube diameter and pump for loads heavier than recommended.

An example of how to use the diagram:

A tube lifter FIPALIFT Easy 120 with a pump DT.25 (lifting tube diameter 120 mm, pump size 25 m3/h) is recommended for lifting non porous loads in the range from 3 kg to 38 kg and for porous loads in the range from 3 kg to 25 kg. The combination with a larger tube lifter and a smaller pump is recommended for softer lifting. The selection is also highly dependent on the consistency of the load to be lifted, lifting trials may be required. Please contact our technical sales department.

FIPA will carry out suction trials on your lifting equipment to determine the porosity of the material to be handled.