2-finger parallel grippers

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Product features
  • Gripper with high gripping force
  • Double-acting for inside/outside gripping and short duty cycles
  • Single-acting: normally open (NO), compressed air for closing, opening via return spring
  • Body made of high-strength aluminum alloy, jaws are steel
  • Options

    - Base jaws for customization

    - Sensors for monitoring gripper action via piston position
  • Medium: filtered and oiled/unoiled air
  • PNP and NPN sensors:

    - C-slot (straight): GR04.198, GR04.198/NPN

    - C-slot (90° angle): GR04.202P, GR04.202N

    - C-slot (straight, short design): GR04.280P, GR04.280N

    - T-slot (straight): GR04.199, GR04.199/NPN

    - T-slot (straight, short design): GR04.203P, GR04.203N
  • Connector cable for sensors:

    - 20.503: 3-pole M8, cable straight, length 2,500 mm, open wire

    - 20.507: 3-pole M8, cable 90°, length 2,000 mm, open end

    - 20.570: 3-pole M8, length 1,500 mm, end with plug 3-pole M8