Individual gripper from FIPA holds a pretzel

As individual as your project.

Perfectly adapted to the workpiece contour - customized FIPA grippers using PA laserforming.

Benefits of PA laserforming based module grippers

  • ●  PA based gripper tools achieve up to 70 percent weight reduction in comparison to extrusion based gripper systems and, as a result, allow for higher gripping dynamics and the use of smaller and, hence, more cost-effective robots
  • ●  The perfect adaptation to the workpiece contour enables fast accelerations and ensures the gentle handling of sensitive items
  • ●  Integrated channels for compressed air or vacuum minimize compressed air consumption and complexity and allow for a compact design with minimal space requirement
  • ●  PA plastics are food grade
  • ●  Mixed structures of aluminum for the support and PA for the individual grippers make for innovative applications


FIPA module gripper with chocolate bar

Example 1

  • ●  Modular grippers: perfect handling of chocolate bars with delta robot link
  • ●  Gentle product handling through flexible gripper fingers
Module gripper for high cycle rates

Example 2

  • ●  Module grippers: optimized for high cycle rates
  • ●  Integrated EMA series ejector with air saving function; a Varioflex® bellow suction cup compensates for height
Module gripper for handling food cans

Example 3

  • ●  Module grippers: highly dynamic handling of cans
  • ●  High accelerations through the perfect adaptation to the contour of the handling product

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