Flat vacuum cups

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Flat vacuum cups, also known as flat suction pads or flat suction cups in the handling industry, allow you to handle flat products with smooth surfaces with high process security. Rapid cycle times are achieved thanks to the low internal volume – perfect for highly dynamic systems.

Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SM-G

Series SM-G

Sheet metal handling

Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SFU-A

Series SFU-A


Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SFU-A

Series SKT-F

Plastics handling

Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SL-FP

Series SL-FP


Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SL-PF

Series SL-PF


Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SFU-L

Series SFU-L

Long shaft

Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SP-F

Series SP-F


Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SP-F

Series SP-F

Fully assembled fitting

Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SFU-R

Series SFU-R

Handling of structured surfaces

Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SFU-S

Series SFU-S

Safety sealing lip

Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SM-P

Series SM-P


Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SP-PLM

Series SP-PLM

Foam rubber sealing lip

Group picture Flat vacuum cups Series SFU-D

Series SFU-D


Flat vacuum cups by FIPA - Surfaces of all kinds are an easy exercise!

It doesn’t matter to us whether you are looking for flat vacuum cups for handling food, moving sensitive plastic components or lifting heavy metal parts. As a specialist in vacuum components we offer a wide range of flat vacuum cups for different industries and tasks. Our flat vacuum cups, also known as flat suction pads, make it easier for you to handle products with a flat surface – reliably, stably and efficiently. Thanks to a reasonable combination of innovative materials and product-specific shapes, there are no limits to the applications of our flat vacuum cups – regardless of the surface shapes of your products, individual geometric challenges or the production environment. The FIPA assortment ranges from universally applicable flat vacuum cups to temperature-resistant models, such as Thermalon®, to highly specialized series, such as short-stroke vacuum cups or vacuum cups for chocolates. The high stability of the vacuum cups allows high accelerations for fast handling of goods in highly dynamic systems. Thanks to their low internal volume fast cycle times can be achieved. Our flat vacuum cups can reliably and quickly grip bulky wooden panels with a porous surface or even heavy and oily metal parts. The excellent stability of the FIPA flat vacuum cups, often reinforced by cleats, makes it possible to swivel products.

Series SFU-A: Universal flat vacuum cups

FIPA SFU-A series universal flat vacuum cups are designed with an individual sealing lip for handling a variety of products with smooth to slightly rough surfaces. The excellent stability of the vacuum cups enables rapid accelerations for the quick handling of goods in automation systems. The tare volume evacuates quickly – an important requirement for the use of systems with fast cycle times. Seals can be replaced quickly and easily. SFU-A series flat vacuum cups with diameters up to 50 mm are connected to the vacuum supply by way of a plug nipple. Flat vacuum cups with diameters bigger than 60 mm are connected by way of screw-mounted support plates. Shop

Series SKT-F: Temperature-resistant flat vacuum cups made of Thermalon®

Thermalon® is a high-quality material mixture that resits temperatures up to 160 °C. They do not leave marks and they are free of paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS). SKT-F series Thermalon® flat vacuum cups are specially designed for the automated extraction of hot workpieces from injection moulding machines. Thanks to the Thermalon®, which is free of paint wetting impairment substances or mould release, the extracted parts can be easily painted or coated. Due to their high stability, FIPA Thermalon® flat vacuum cups also prove effective in production systems with highly dynamic grippers and enable fast accelerations. Shop

Series SL-FP: Flat vacuum cups with extreme flexible sealing lip

"Variopack® vacuum cups of the SL-FP series are particularly suitable for the handling of flowpacks in a pick & place environment. The vacuum cups are made of FDA- and EU-approved material – ideal for applications in the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors. Thanks to the clever combination of a flexible sealing lip and cleats, Variopack® flat vacuum cups are able to handle flowpacks reliably. The long life cycle and reliable gripping reduces machine downtime on packaging lines." Shop

Series SL-PF: Vacuum cups for chocolates

SL-PF series flat vacuum cups for chocolates are made of food-proof, FDA-compliant materials. Sensitive products with pronounced surface structures or three-dimensional geometries on the top side, i.e. chocolates, can be handled gently using the flat vacuum cups. Shop

Series SFU-L - Flat vacuum cups with a long shaft

Slim design, extra long shaft, diameter of 6 to 62 mm – FIPA SFU-L series flat vacuum cups can be used for the smooth handling of sensitive workpieces with uneven to slightly curved surfaces. On uneven product surfaces, the long shaft of the suction pad enables a small height compensation. The cost-effective and fast replacement of worn seals is an added benefit. Shop

Series SP-F: Modular flat vacuum cups

Whether a flat or deep structural shape, or with or without support ribs – universal FIPA SP-F modular flat vacuum cups are characterised by high suction power. Beneficial is the individual sealing lip, which is easy to attach to the fitting. FIPA offers modular flat vacuum cups in a variety of materials. If the application requires the flat vacuum cups to be wear-resistant, Tepuflex® is the right choice. This thermoplastic elastomer is highly wear-resistant with excellent recovery properties and good grip against slipping – the perfect material properties for flat vacuum cups in automation systems with fast cycle times. SP-F series flat vacuum cups are also available with permanently mounted fittings. Models with built-in touch valves prevent the workpiece from falling when gripped by partially occupied vacuum cups. Shop

Series SFU-R: Flat vacuum cups for textured surfaces

With their highly flexible and very fine sealing lip, the SFU-R series flat vacuum cups enable the handling of products with pronounced surface structures. The two-fold, internal security sealing lip and supports bring about increased security, even under lateral forces. An interlocking, clip-in retaining plate made of aluminium makes replacement of the sealing lip fast and cost-effective. FIPA’s flat vacuum cups for structured products are available in diameters ranging from 40 to 200 mm. Shop

Series SFU-S: Flat vacuum cups with safety sealing lips

With internal multiple security sealing lips, vulcanised aluminium support plate and large-area rubber supports for the product side, flat SFU-S series vacuum cups provide high process security and good stability, even under high lateral forces. Shop

Series SM-P: Non-slip flat vacuum cups

Anti-slip and oil-resistant – FIPA SM-P series flat vacuum cups made of NBR are optimised for handling oily sheet metal. Radial massive support ribs ensure a strong hold for sheet metal cups even under high shear forces. This design feature also prevents unwanted deep drawing effects that can permanently deform thin metal sheets. Shop

Series SP-PLM: Vacuum suction plates with foam rubber sealing lip

FIPA suction plates with sealing lip made of foamed EPDM achieve an outstanding seal, even for products with pronounced surface structures. By clipping into the support plates, service personnel can quickly and cost-effectively replace the foam rubber sealing lips on the flat vacuum cups. Shop

Series SFU-D: Universal flat vacuum cup

Thanks to the slight pre-tension of the curved sealing lip with long run-out and large stroke, FIPA SFU-D series bell shapted vacuum cups grip uneven, slightly curved workpieces. In some applications, flat vacuum cups replace the bellows vacuum cups. Shop