Air nippers and sprue grippers remove plastic parts

We keep a cool head in any temperature.

Utmost flexibility in plastics processing.

The requirements of the plastics industry are already stringent, and they will become even more demanding in the future. Increasing cost pressure,a trend towards miniaturisation, additional material functions, and an increasingly short time-to-market are just some of the reasons for this.

In addition, requirements relating to strength, the observance of tolerances, and moulding speeds for different materials are changing. Increasingly small and light robots work together to operate a machine. With an emphasis on shorter cycle times our challenges become greater in relation to part temperature, removal time and part quality. In gripper assembly, we meet these challenges with absolute flexibility. Just like the human hand, our systems are useful for a broad range of applications.

Intelligent grippers detect process changes and can use camera-based and sensor-based components to make these adjustments. Heat-resistant components with soft touch surfaces can extract plastic parts that have not yet fully hardened without damaging them. Additive production processes allow FIPA to create customised grippers with ease - even in small lot sizes - and new materials contribute to our solutions to challenging projects.

The benefits of FIPA solutions for plastic parts

  • The benefits of FIPA solutions for plastic parts
  • Market-leading innovation of low-marking HNBR pads to handle sensitive parts with sprue grippers
  • Silicone-free HNBR pads and vacuum cups that are suitable for high temperatures (max. 160 °C) and ideal for the handling of automotive plastic components which require painting
  • Process reliability with the SAFE-LOCK mechanism for quick change systems
  • Market leader for miniature sprue grippers in the 80 series for extremely small gates or products
  • Custom solutions to meet today's requirements in the plastics industry
  • Wear-resistant Varioflex® vacuum cups to enable the safe handling of irregular or structured surfaces


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