Meet the Team: We are FIPA Inc.

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Ismaning, Germany, FIPA GmbH has steadily expanded its global presence, and in recent years, has added offices in the United States, Thailand, Hungary, and China. With its extensive technical expertise, the FIPA Group anticipates sustained future development rooted in a success story of more than 30 years. With the foundation of FIPA Inc. in 2006, we continued to expand our successful activities in the United States. We are a team of six colleagues, ready to assist you at any time. Many years of experience in hundreds of projects consistently guarantee top-quality solutions and a significant competitive edge.

"Our team members are our greatest asset," says Rainer Mehrer, president of FIPA Inc. "I am proud to call FIPA Inc. a team that is ready to guide customers to find the best products for their processes in the plastics and automotive industries. We understand the markets and technologies, and providing solutions for our customers is our top priority." Just as we believe it's important for us to know who you are and how you approach your business, we believe it's equally important for you to know who we are and how we approach ours.

Maxwell Eason began his tenure at FIPA Inc. in 2014, working as a Plastics Applications and Sales Engineer. In 2018, he was appointed Director of Sales Plastics, and with a degree in Business Management his primary management responsibilities include: key accounts; sales representatives; business development; as well as strategic tooling programs for all customers. Max is a results-driven sales professional with an extensive background in injection molding. He enjoys promoting the company culture within the market as well as interfacing with customers and exchanging "know-how" within the FIPA Group. For Max, the best customer feedback is when quality and ROI are realized through his ability to clearly define a customer‘s needs and provide the appropriate solution to support their production requirements. Read More About Max

Eric Eckenrod is a Design Engineer for FIPA Inc. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Eric joined FIPA in October 2015, and is a great asset to the team as a leading expert in designing, building, and installing customized gripper systems. He describes himself as a highly motivated engineer with exceptional design and communication skills. Eric is passionate about learning new things to improve his own capabilities, and enjoys the fact that all of his projects are never quite the same, with each posing a new challenge. The best customer feedback for him is a handshake and smile at the end of a project, with a promise of more to come in the future. Read More About Eric

Tobias Herrmann joins FIPA Inc. as a Certified Technician for Plastic Engineering and Fiber Composite Materials after having gained extensive experience working as a Project Manager in the Business Unit Plastics at FIPA GmbH since August 2015. With a background in German engineering and design "know-how", Tobias is a specialist in the plastics processing industry, and enjoys the variety of daily projects, as well as interacting with customers and colleagues, who, according to him, are a highly motivated team that makes a significant difference. The best customer feedback for Tobias is to be recommended for the next project. Read More About Tobi

Ryan McClellan has worked as a Project Manager for FIPA Inc. since May 2017. With a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from N.C. State University, Ryan has knowledge and experience in both the technical and sales world, as well as a passion for problem solving. Ryan enjoys managing customer projects and providing technical support. Like Mary Catherine, he also believes that FIPA is a family, and providing excellent customer support is a top priority. The best customer feedback for Ryan is when a product works perfectly to meet a customer's needs. Read More About Ryan

Mark Vanek joined the FIPA Inc. team in May 2018 as a Design and Tooling Engineer to support Eric in designing and building EOATs. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from N.C. State University, Mark has a passion for computer-aided design. His ability to create custom commands in CAD to improve team efficiency sets him apart, and he loves drafting and building with his hands, which makes his current role the perfect position. To Mark, the best confirmation received is the acknowledgement from his colleagues regarding his productivity enhancements to the workplace. Read More About Mark