Eric Eckenrod

Design Engineer at FIPA Inc. | Phone: +1 919 651 3225 | Email:


Areas of responsibility: EOAT Design & Building
With FIPA since: October 2015
Education: Mechanical Engineering


What makes me special: Highly motivated engineer with exceptional design and communication skills
I have a passion for: Learning new things and travelling
Outside of FIPA I love to: Spend time with my kids and when I have the chance to get out and play a round of golf
Me in 3 words: Motivated, charismatic, resourceful
My motto: Vision Without Action Is A Daydream


For me FIPA is: A fantastic company to work for that challenges me on a daily basis
What I like with my job: The fact that the the projects are never quite the same and that each poses a new challenge, in turn driving me to improve upon my own abilities and thought processes
Most important equipment: CAD Software
My favourite FIPA product: Varioflex® vacuum cups
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„I like working with FIPA because the company has a great culture and treats its employees like they are true assets to propelling the company forward, as they should.“
Eric Eckenrod, Design Engineer at FIPA Inc.