Mark Vanek

Design and Tooling Engineer at FIPA Inc. | Phone: +1 919 651 3240 | Email:


Areas of responsibility: Designing and building EOATs. I am a specialist at CAD design.
With FIPA since: May 2018
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, N.C. State University


What makes me special: I’m a high energy individual with passion for CAD. What sets me apart is the ability to create custom commands in CAD to improve team efficiency.
I have a passion for: Drafting and building with my hands which makes this career perfect.
Outside of FIPA I love: Bird watching and political discussions with friends
Me in 3 words: Devoted responsible man
My motto: Truth isn’t dependent upon the person speaking, it’s dependent upon the words that are spoken.


For me FIPA is: My dream job
What I like with my job: The people in it
Most important equipment: Humble allen key
My favourite FIPA product: Linear guide blocks
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„I like working with FIPA because the personal connections with my co-workers make them feel like family to me and the leadership from them makes me confident in the future.“
Mark Vanek, Design and Tooling Engineer at FIPA Inc.