Ryan McClellan

Project Manager at FIPA Inc. | Phone: +1 919 651 3039 | Email:


Areas of responsibility: Managing Customer Projects, Technical Sales/Support
With FIPA since: May 2017
Education: Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering, N.C. State University


What makes me special: Like a well balanced coin, I have knowledge and experience in both the technical/engineering  world and sales world. I am able to bring both sides to the other to better help a customer.
I have a passion for: Problem Solving
Outside of FIPA I love to: Play with my dogs, soccer, trying new restaurants, travel
Me in 3 words: Inventive, active, logical
My motto: Dont be busy. Just be productive.


For me FIPA is: A second family
What I like with my job: Solving problems for customers, technically interesting industry, interacting with my coworkers
Most important equipment: My computer
My favourite FIPA product: 8-81mm ID Grippers
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„I like working with FIPA because FIPA cares about the customer.“
Ryan McClellan, Project Manager at FIPA Inc.