Tobias Herrmann

Project Manager at FIPA Inc. | Phone: +1 919 651 3208 | Email:


Areas of responsibility: Plastics Industry, Injection Moulding, Plastics Processing, EOATs
With FIPA since: August 2015
Education: Certified Technician for Plastic Engineering and Fiber Composite Materials


What makes me special: Teamplayer, hard worker, highly motivated, does not give up
I have a passion for: Motorbikes, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Movies, Cooking
Outside of FIPA I love to: Go to the gym, meet up with friends and have a good time
Me in 3 words: Open-minded, purposeful, loyal
My motto: Courage is the beginning of the action, happiness the end.


For me FIPA is: The place where dreams come true
What I like with my job: The variety and the personal contact with people
Most important equipment: Coffee Cup
My favourite FIPA product: Miniature gripper GR04.060
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„I like working with FIPA because everybody is highly motivated. Together with the team we can make the difference.“
Tobias Herrmann, Project Manager at FIPA Inc.