Room for growth: FIPA in Hungary moves into new business premises

Our FIPA subsidiary in Hungary successfully moved to new premises at the beginning of the year, in response to the growing demand for its products and services. The acquired property is located on the outskirts of Törökbálint and offers a total of two storeys with capacity for expansion.


Since the foundation of FIPA Magyarország Kft. in 2007, the company has grown successfully and currently employs five people. FIPA in Hungary is known as a system integrator and partner for the entire spectrum of automation technology. But with the continuous growth and increasing number of employees it became time for a representative change. "Our previous premises became too small and could no longer meet the increasing requirements. When the opportunity arose to acquire the new property, this step was the logical consequence for us," explains Gábor Horváth-Mühlhauser, now a father of two. "With the additional space we can optimally meet the increasing demand in the field of automation."


Finally there is more space for gripper assemblies. A prompt delivery to the customers and an expansion of building customized gripper systems are thus guaranteed. The modern and open rooms create a pleasant working atmosphere and room for further growth. The location in Hungary is thus optimally prepared for the tasks of the coming years and offers its employees and customers the necessary space for a successful cooperation.


FIPA Magyarország Kft. can still be reached by phone at +36 1 321 0312 or by e-mail at The new address is:


FIPA Magyarország Kft.
Hrsz 0152/12
2045 Törökbálint, Hungary

New business premises for FIPA Hungary.


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