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FIPA's useful service for media representatives and interested parties. Here you will find the latest information on new FIPA products, practical case studies and everything else related to material flows. To be included in our media distribution list, please contact your media contact by e-mail: Jennifer Heidbrede (e-mail:

  • Plastic parts from the injection moulding machine

    FIPA in practice: A Gripper with Thermalon® Vacuum Cups for Rapid Demolding of Injection Molded Parts from an 8 Cavity Mold


    Tasked with creating a demolding gripper that would yield extremely fast cycle times to achieve a high output, FIPA developed a high-performance, cost-effective solution for German manufacturer Fra...

  • FIPA Webshop on different devices.

    FIPA Launches e-Commerce Webshop to Deliver Enhanced Worldwide Customer Support


    FIPA Inc. has introduced the FIPA Webshop, a comprehensive e-commerce platform that enables customers to access order histories, product availability, and check pricing, using a customizable dashbo...

  • Gripper range from FIPA

    FIPA presents: New look sprue gripper range


    Due to their high closing force, wide jaw opening and compact design, the series 90 grippers reliably grip small sprues. The series 100 is designed to securely grip medium to large sprues. Gap-free...

  • Cutting station for injection moulding application

    FIPA in practice: A perfect flush cut


    Proper Polymers in South Carolina, USA, manufactures high-quality plastic parts using the injection molding process for customers in various industries. A well-known automotive manufacturer, impres...

  • FIPA range of grippers

    FIPA presents: New 2016 series sprue grippers


    Comprised of zinc plated steel gripper jaws with anodized, high strength aluminum alloy housings, and compatible with both oiled and unoiled compressed air, 2016 Series sprue grippers deliver relia...

  • HNBR-coated sprue grippers

    FIPA presents: Grippers with all-round elastomer coating


    A pioneer once again: A few years ago, FIPA was the first service provider to offer sprue grippers coated with HNBR on the inside of the gripper jaws. With the new grippers of the 100 series, FIPA ...

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