Series 100 – sprue grippers, clamping diameter 10 mm – single-acting

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Product features
  • Grippers with wide jaw opening for large gates
  • Gap-free closing for flat gates
  • Housings and gripper jaws consist of an anodized, high-strength aluminum alloy (except GR04.100XW)
  • Model XW with extra wide steel jaws
  • Model B with rounded gripper jaws for large/inclined gates
  • Model U for special gripper jaws; the closing force depends on the shape of the gripper jaws
  • Model S with sawtooth profile for higher grip force
  • Model H with replaceable HNBR pads for gentle handling
  • Model XW with extra wide gripper jaws
  • Index 1N and 1P for direct monitoring; large-area sensor operation, regardless of the position of the gate in the gripper
  • Index 2N and 2P for direct monitoring; sensor with two freely adjustable switching points
  • Index 3N and 3P for indirect monitoring; signal triggering if no component has been gripped; no moving parts and thus increased mechanical stability
  • Single-acting
  • Medium: filtered and oiled/non-oiled air